What to do While You’re Waiting for Frozen 2

By now you’ve heard the big news: Frozen 2 is happening! Is this real life? Yes, yes it is! But alas, the news is bittersweet because we have to wait until for the new film. How are we going to survive? How are you going to survive? Don’t worry! We have some helpful tips for making it through the eternal winter that is waiting for next Frozen movie:


Watch Frozen
Anna and Elsa Frozen
We know you’ve seen it a hundred times by now, but it remains a real delight. So if you don’t know it word by word, now’s your chance to learn. And if you do, go ahead and watch it while reciting every word. Your friends will love it, trust us.


2. Watch Frozen Fever

Perfect timing! You can see the all-new short Frozen Fever in theaters starting March 13 with Cinderella! We recommend just buying a ticket for every showing and moving in to your local theater.


3. Listen to the Frozen Soundtrack
One of the best things about Frozen is undoubtedly the wonderful music by that cute and sassy married duo, Robert and Kristen Lopez. So while you’re waiting for the next movie, make sure to sing “Let it Go”, “First Time in Forever”, “Love is an Open Door”, and “In Summer” at the top of your lungs while you’re driving, in the shower, at lunch with your friends, while walking your dog, in line at the grocery store … literally everywhere you go.


4. Make Frozen GIFs
Hans Punch
GIFs are the gift that keep on giving. Why not make your own fun Frozen ones so you can relive your favorite moments in a mildly obsessive fashion while looking internet-savvy?


5. Take Every Frozen Quiz
Frozen Fan_Casual
Fact: A quiz is the only legally binding way to determine whether or not you are allowed to see the new Frozen movie.* Find out if you’re Anna or Elsa or Olaf or Sven or which Frozen guy you are, or if you’re the ultimate Frozen fan, or if you can fill in the Frozen lyrics—pausing for breath—or if you know all the Frozen trivia there is to know.

*This is not a fact.


6. Reenact Frozen with a Pet or Child
Obviously make sure the pet and/or child have agreed to be a part of your Frozen reenactment. And make sure to film it for posterity. This is your time to shine. You know this movie like the back of your hand, so put a funny costume on your dog and get going.


7. Imagine You are the star of Frozen 2

Maybe there will be a beautiful and intelligent new princess in town, with modern sensibilities and a great singing voice, who becomes BFFs with Anna and Elsa. We can dream.


8. Build a Frozen-inspired Snowman
Building Olaf 1
Whether you live in a wintery tundra or a warm climate, you can take some snow/sand/clay and sculpt a perfect replica of Olaf. Make sure to include carrot nose and sunny disposition.


These action items should keep us occupied for at least a week, at which point we’ll start them over again and again and again until that fateful day when we can walk into a theater to see Frozen 2.


How excited are you for Frozen 2? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 7 years Ago
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