20-Something Life Advice From Disney Characters

Life in your twenties is a rollercoaster of emotions and milestones and uncertainty. First real job, first time living on your own, first time having to navigate the world as an “adult.” It can be a little tough to find your way sometimes. Luckily, Disney characters always have your back and they have some advice:


Friendships are about quality, not quantity.
Pumbaa and Timon giving Simba advice
There was a time when you measured your friendship success by sheer volume. How many people could you call to hang out at the mall or how many invites could you send to a birthday party. But now you have a different criteria. You want a few people to call your nearest and dearest, so make sure you’re picking the ones that enhance your life.


You may not always know where you’re going… and that’s okay.
Mickey Mouse in Fantasia
Uncertainty is the only certainty and change is the only constant. This is true all your life, but never more than in your twenties. Friendships shift, life choices are made, and you’re floating in a universe of possible vocations. It’s okay to feel a little adrift.


Now is the time to work hard.
You might be at the bottom of the workplace totem pole, but now’s the time to invest in your career. This can mean getting coffee for the boss, being the intern who picks up odd jobs, or serving beignets to learn restauranteering. Your twenties are the time to pay your dues and invest in your future career.


Be kind.

You’re going to meet a lot of people in your travels. Some of them will be lovely and some of them will be less than lovely. But remember what Cinderella’s mother tells her: Have courage and be kind.


Adopt some healthy eating habits. Thumper from Bambi
Remember: eating greens is a special treat. And it’s important to making sure your diet is balanced and nutrient-filled. Besides, you’re not a bunny in the forest. You have kale and swiss chard and spinach and arugula and asparagus and… the list of greens goes on and on. Surely there’s one that isn’t awful stuff to eat.


Start to be money smart.
Now that you’re earning a living, remember that you want to invest in your future in addition to your present. And presents. Future you will thank current you.


It’s still okay to need your mom or dad.
Being an adult doesn’t mean not being your mom’s kid. No matter how mature you are, how professional you may seem, and how many kids you have of your own, there’s no substitute for a person who always believes in you, helps you follow your dreams, and tells you that everything’s going to be okay.


If you hear music, dance.
We mean this advice to be both literal and figurative. Literally, it’s always good to default to a dance party. It makes life fun, spontaneous, and gives you a great dance-based reputation. Metaphorically, it’s about living in the moment. The future will unfold tomorrow and the next day and the one after that. Don’t be so rushed that you can’t enjoy the here and now.


What’s meant to be will be.
This example might be romantic, but this sentiment extends much broader than that. In your twenties, it can seem like everyone else has life events falling into place and you’re just watching engagement after engagement on Facebook and reading your online dating messages in envy. But take heed: what’s meant to be will unfold in due time. Just be patient.


Trust your heart.
Taking risks can be scary, but your gut knows what’s right. Maybe it’s changing jobs, maybe it’s getting out of a bad relationship, or maybe it’s posing as your dad to save China. Whatever the case may be, remember that you know what’s best for you better than anyone else does.


Smile often.
Winnie the Pooh smiling
This one’s simple, but important. Life’s too short to spend with a frown. Besides, wrinkles. Find the joy in what you’re doing and give the world a little ear-to-ear. You’d be surprised at how many doors will open because of that grin.


What other twenty-something lessons did we miss? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 7 years Ago
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