We All Thought it… But Nala Actually Said It

Nala is the proverbial glue that keeps The Lion King together. She finds Simba, tries to talk some sense into him, and is fabulous throughout. And now that we think about it, she’s the character in the movie that always says EXACTLY what we’re thinking while watching it. It’s like she has some sort of lion to human ESP? (Sidenote – research “lion to human ESP.”) Anyways, here are some of the key times that Nala read our minds and said what we wanted to, but couldn’t, because sadly we are not characters in The Lion King:


“So how we gonna ditch the dodo?”
No offense, Zazu but three’s kind of a crowd. Although we love your accent and adorable huffiness (technical term), we have to agree with Nala. Nothing exciting is gonna happen until they cubs ditch you.


“We could get in big trouble.”
Sure could. This is an elephant graveyard, so get to steppin’, kids! Seriously, how are you not noticing how ominous this scene is looking right now? There is scary, atmospheric music, the color scheme is basically gray and dark blue and you’re surrounded with bones.


“Simba? WHOA!”
Yes!! The reunion we’ve been waiting for and the perfect summation of how we feel when it happens!


“You’re alive and that means you’re the king.”
Yes, Simba. So stop messing about in the jungle and maybe go home? Don’t ignore your responsibilities!


Simba: “It doesn’t matter… hakuna matata.”
Nala: “What?”
Not the right moment to drop a “hakuna matata” in the conversation, Simba. This is serious. This your kingdom. This is probably the time to start worrying.


“What’s happened to you? You’re not the the Simba I remember.”
Suck it up and go help your people, Simba. Come on. Man up!


Simba: “You know you’re starting to sound like my father.”
Nala: “Good. At least one of us does.”
BURN. But a very well-deserved burned. And you can’t deny that Nala is 100% right…


…As always because she always manages to say exactly what we were thinking.

Posted 6 years Ago
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