12 Signs You and Anna are the Same Person

An adorable, kind-hearted, slightly klutzy epidemic is sweeping the globe. Warning:  If you are exhibiting signs of any of the below symptoms, you might be Anna from Frozen:


1. Your sibling has reached that age where they no longer want to be seen with you.
They don’t want their cool older friends to spot them hanging with a little kid and they really don’t want to build a snowman.


2. For you, food > flirting.
Anna For the First Time in Forever Frozen
Sure, you want to be the picture of sophisticated grace, but not before you have some of that chocolate.

3. You’re not a morning person.
You look put-together by the time you walk out the door, but you most likely did not just wake up like that.


4. You are easily excitable.
You sing about salad plates and that’s totally normal for you.


5. You’re not afraid to be yourself.
When–and if–the mood strikes, you go ahead and do the robot, and you look good doing it.


6. You always see the best in the people.
8 Truths Frozen Taught us About Love_Anna and Elsa_Castle
…Even when they can’t see it in themselves.


7. You love cute, fluffy things.
(And they love you back.)


8. You’re always up for an adventure.
You’re also always up for finding true love whilst on an adventure.


9. You accept people for who they are.
Boyfriend have literal trolls for a family? Totally fine! Meet a talking snowman in the woods? New friend!


10. You love with your whole heart.
You would do anything for your family and friends, including turning into a solid block of ice to help them realize that love is stronger than fear. We salute you for that.


11. You’re an eternal optimist.
disney on dreaming - anna, frozen
Every day is a new chance to do something great (for example: pausing in mid-air during a musical number).


12. You believe in your happily ever after.
And you know what? One day, we’re sure you’ll get it.


Do you think you have a case of the Anna’s? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 6 years Ago
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