A Definitive List of Things That Shouldn’t Fly, But Totally Do

Gravity can be a drag. While some things, like parrots, fairies, and dragons, are designed for flight, most everything else is relegated to be stuck at ground level. But if Disney movies have taught us anything, it’s that we should believe in our dreams, that true love conquers all, and that the laws of physics are meant to be broken. Here’s the proof:


Capt. Hook’s Pirate Ship
Not only can this maritime vessel soar through the skies of Never Land, it is already fully equipped should it need to make a water landing. Plus, it sparkles.


Burrito the Flying Donkey
Burrito, Flying Gauchito
Who can forget Burrito the Flying Donkey from The Three Caballeros? What he lacks in name recognition he makes up for in cuteness.


Carl Fredricksen’s House
Carl Fredricksen’s house proves true those common sayings that “adventure is out there” and  “the upward force of a helium-filled balloon when multiplied by x number of balloons generates enough lift to counter the gravitational forces on a standard single family home.”


The Bed from Bedknobs & Broomsticks
This magical bed was actually the precursor for the lie-flat seats that are now common in many airlines’ first class cabins. Bonus points for being able to travel to the magical Isle of Naboombu.


Magic Carpet
After being trapped inside the Cave of Wonders for a few millenia, no one would’ve blamed Carpet if he took it easy after his transition back to the surface, and spent a few years lounging on the floor of an Agrabahian family room. But instead, he took straight to the skies and put the “magic flying” into “magic flying carpet.”


Mary Poppins
We’re not sure if we’re more impressed by this British nanny’s ability to float over the London skyline with the help of just a simple umbrella or by the level of grace, poise, and control she shows while doing said floating.


Only relevant on Winds-day.


Buzz Lightyear
Your personal ranking of Buzz probably depends on what side of the “flying” vs. “falling with style” debate you land on.


The bread-and-butterflies of Wonderland are also near the top of our list of anthropomorphic breakfast foods.


Dumbo is the gold standard for refusing to be weighed down by the doubts of others (or by the laws of physics). With his can-do attitude and aerodynamic ears, he proved that elephants can fly and that gravity is really just a state of mind.


What do you think? Which defier of conventional flight wisdom is on the top of your list? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 7 years Ago
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