7 Questions the New Tomorrowland Trailer Leaves Unanswered

We’re getting closer and closer to the release of Tomorrowland and the film is still shrouded in mystery. But! Today we got to see a new trailer so we’re going to glean anything we can from said trailer, in an attempt to get some answers about the movie. (Obviously we can’t just wait patiently until May 22, we’re too excited to be sensible.) First, check out the new trailer:



Amazing. Now, on to our questions:


There appears to be a timer on the backside of the pin! What does it countdown?
Tomorrowland - Timer
Is that the time Casey (Britt Robertson) has left in Tomorrowland? Who determines it?


Is Casey touching the pin here and not being transported to Tomorrowland? How?
Tomorrowland - Pin
Also, where can we get her cool NASA hat?


What is with the insane security at Frank (George Clooney)’s  house?
Tomorrowland - WIndows
And who designed those metal window shutters?


Is there more than one way to get to Tomorrowland? Is this a portal?
Tomorrowland - Portal
That lamp definitively went somewhere not in this dimension.


Are there robots in this movie?
Tomorrowland - Robots
…Or better yet, audio animatronics?


Is this parachute a hidden Mickey?
Tomorrowland - Parachute
We think yes!


Why isn’t it May 22?
Tomorrowland - Logo



What other questions does the new trailer raise? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 7 years Ago
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