Little Mermaid GIFs For Any Occasion

It’s fair to say that The Little Mermaid is very much a part of our world. From Sebastian’s memorable facial expressions to Ursula’s body language, we remember our favorite Little Mermaid moments daily. Here are a few of the best that apply to everyday life:


When the teacher says, “pop quiz!”
Little Mermaid GIF_Sebastian_Shock


When you’ve had too much too eat at lunch.
Little Mermiad GIF_Flounder_Full


The feeling after a new you get a new haircut.
Little Mermaid GIF_Scuttle_Hair


Monday mornings.
Little Mermaid GIF_Ursula_Morning


Day one of trying to get back in shape.
Little Mermaid_Sebastian_Tired


When mom says dinner is ready.
Little Mermaid GIF_Ursula_Crawl


When you tell a good joke. (Ba-dum-tss!)
Little Mermaid_Sebastian_Playing the Drumbs


When you have a smart idea in a brainstorm.
Little Mermaid_Ariel_Splash


When someone says they don’t like The Little Mermaid.
Little Mermaid GIF_Ariel_Gross Face


When someone says something you don’t agree with.
Little Mermaid_Grimsby_Eyes


When the weekend has arrived.
Little Mermaid_Sebastian_Ready for the Weekend

Posted 4 years Ago
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