Disney GIFs Guaranteed to Make You Smile

Hey! How’s it going? Are you doing okay? Has it been a while since you last smiled? We want to change that, with these Disney GIFs that are guaranteed to turn that frown upside down:


Double smile, double cute.

smile - simba nala


Great ‘do.

smile - beast


Classic dog chases tail action is always a winner.

smile - bolt


When Peg met Herc. (It was cute at first sight.)

smile - herc pega


Does someone need a smile? Max is on the case!

smile - max


Also, smiling makes life more colorful!

smile - pascal


Oh, a pretty butterfly. That’s definitely not a bother.

smile - pooh


Even good food can make you smile.

smile - porridge


It might also help to put on some music and shake it like an alien-dog impersonating Elvis.

smile - stitch


The cuuute has arrived.

smile - tarzan


Okay, bye for now!

02 smile - abu

Oh My Disney, out.


Tell us which Disney moment always makes you smile and we’ll round them up in GIFs Guaranteed to Make You Smile Part 2!


Posted 7 years Ago
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