Josh Gad Appreciation Post

It’s time to do what Frozen fans do and admire the one and only, Josh Gad. Not only does he voice our favorite animated snowman in Frozen he also loves Disney as much as we do. Possibly more? We love him for that. Here’s proof that Josh is a guy worth melting for:


1. He interacts with the Frozen Facebook page.
Josh Gad_Facebook
No surprise that he got Olaf in our Frozen Character quiz. We audibly squealed when we noticed this comment.


2. He helps brighten the day of many Frozen fans by offering them digital hugs.
Who does this? This is so sweet! Mr. Gad is a movie star, he should be wearing sunglasses indoors and saying “no comment” a lot. Instead, he’s calling out fans by name.


3. He loves Robin Williams.

He’s said that Williams was his biggest inspiration for voicing Olaf. So sweet and wonderful and all things lovely.


4. He takes his daughter to Disney premieres.

(Note that he might actually be more excited to be at premiere than she is.)


5. His Instagram profile picture is of Olaf.
Josh Gad Instagram Profile Pic
Bravo, sir.


6. He loves the Disney Parks.

No, thank you, Josh Gad for a magical instagram moment.


7. He reads Disney books to his daughter.

Let’s amend that to: He reads Disney books about his Disney character to his daughter. Can you imagine having a dad who was also your favorite character? Amazing.


8. And finally, he took this glorious picture of the cast of live-action Beauty and the Beast.

There’s something sweet, and almost kind, and obviously he’s freaking out just as much as we are for this film.


What’s your favorite Josh Gad moment? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 5 years Ago
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