12 Perfectly Matched Corgis and Disney Royals

Corgis have long been the preferred dogs of royalty (and by long, we mean since the Windsor’s ascended to the British throne and started acquiring a bunch of these short, stout cuties).  We’re sure we need not remind you that Oh My Disney is a blog of the people. No longer is Queen Elizabeth the only royal we can associate with adorable puppies. Nay, friends! Not on our watch. We spent way too long finding some of our favorite Disney royals a corgi that is their canine doppleganger. Why? Well as we’ve proved time and time again, Disney royals are just like we are, meaning they basically are us, meaning we’re royalty (science). So find your favorite character in the gallery below, and you’ve found your royal companion.



Which Disney royal’s corgi is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 4 years Ago
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