Everything You Need to Know About Tomorrowland

Tomorrowland, Disney’s riveting mystery adventure, is now available on Blu-ray, Digital HD, and Disney Movies Anywhere. In the film George Clooney plays a reclusive inventor who reluctantly teams up with Britt Robertson’s plucky teenage optimist and together they travel to a technologically marvelous land where anything (and we do mean anything) is possible.


But what else do you need to know before rewatching Tomorrowland? Well, we’re here to tell you.


The Less You Know, The Better
This is a movie that is very mysterious and reveals itself over the course of its running time (130 minutes, for those who are curious). Tomorrowland was co-written by Damon Lindelof, who co-created Lost and knows a thing or two about tantalizingly teasing audiences. So knowing anything about Tomorrowland, much less everything, could take away some of the fun. So just go in with an open mind and an open heart and let the movie whisk you away to places you’d never thought you’d go.


It’s Very Classically Disney
If you’re a Disney fanatic, there are going to be things in Tomorrowland that are going to send you over the moon. Again, we don’t want to give too many things away, but if you’ve visited the Tomorrowland preview attraction, at Disneyland or Walt Disney World, then you know that the movie opens with the younger version of the George Clooney character taking a fateful trip on the it’s a small world attraction at the 1964 World’s Fair. That moment is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Tomorrowland incorporating the icons and ideals of Walt Disney, particularly when it came to his humanist futurism. So if you’re a Disney geek, be prepared to do some squealing-with-delight. This is one of those Disney movies you could imagine Walt making: it’s stuffed with big ideas, even bigger visuals, and a very large heart; it’s the kind of movie everyone would (and should) want to see.


Keep Your Eyes Open
And in keeping with the Disney theme, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for tons of Disney shout-outs, particularly when Casey (Britt Robertson) visits a retro gift shop called Blast from the Past. That’s about all the direction you’ll get from us, but trust us, there are a lot of delicious morsels for you to pick out. It’s a blast.


It’s the Opposite of a Gloom-and-Doom Epic
There are several movies being released this summer (and several that have come out in this month alone) that emphasize massive, worldwide destruction, the fundamental inability of mankind to get its act together, and the kind of apocalyptic future we all seem to be headed towards. But Tomorrowland takes the opposite approach. To borrow a lyric from the Carousel of Progress’ theme song, Tomorowland reminds us that there’s a great big beautiful tomorrow, shining at the end of everyday. But what the film also double-underlines is that it’s not just enough to dream something, you’ve also got to get out there and do it. And that’s a message that is powerful and profound, especially when other films just want to tell us how doomed we are.


It Was Co-Written and Directed by Brad Bird
Maybe the most important thing you should know about Tomorrowland, especially if you’re a big Disney fan, is that it was co-written and directed by Brad Bird, who directed two bona fide Disney•Pixar classics: The Incredibles and Ratatouille. Like those two animated masterpieces, Tomorrowland is thematically rich and visually sumptuous. It’s stuffed with wonderful, magical action set pieces (ah, we want to tell you more but we really shouldn’t), tender moments, and unforgettable characters. There’s something singularly Brad Bird about Tomorrowland, in the way the movie is constructed, in the shiny enthusiasm that douses every frame, and in the way it dazzles you, through and through, right up until the nifty animated end credits sequence.


Raffey Cassidy is a Star
If there’s a single unforgettable character in Tomorrowland, though, it’s Athena. She’s a pint-sized emissary for the technologically advanced land, and she’s got some secrets (we can’t spill the beans, sorry). Portrayed by young British actress Raffey Cassidy, Athena really comes to life. She’s funny and awkward and filled with hope and purpose. She also gets to let loose in a couple of action sequences that will undoubtedly surprise and delight you. Clooney and Robertson are terrific leads but, if you ask us, Cassidy really steals the show. She’s one of the movie’s more unexpected thrills.


You’ll Want More
The mysteries of Tomorrowland aren’t completely answered in this film, there are still questions that linger and adventures left to discover. When we left our screening, our immediate thought was that we wanted to go back—back to the glistening future world that Tomorrowland presents and back to the characters and construct of the world that Bird, Lindelof, and their creative collaborators have crafted. Hopefully we’ll get to go back to Tomorrowland in many more sequels, but if not you’ll still want to return to the first film, just to soak it all in.



Posted 7 years Ago
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