Tinker Bell: An Inspiration To Us All

Tinker Bell just might be the most underrated pixie in all of Never Land. While she gets involved in her fair share of mischief, she’s also bold, brave, and full of life. In short, she’s one of our role models. Here’s why:

1. She has confidence.

Tinkerbell_Admiring_HerselfWe could all take a page out of Tink’s book when it comes to self-esteem and positivity. She looks in the mirror and celebrates what she sees: her awesome self!

2. Her sleuthing skills are unparalleled.

Tinkerbell_Finding_the_ShadowIf you ever happen to lose your shadow—pesky little things that they are—you can count on this pixie to help get you out of a pickle. Or in this instance, out of a drawer.

3. She knows how to get herself out of a jam.

Tinkerbell_ScissorsIf, for example, she finds herself stuck in said drawer, resourceful Tink will devise an escape using whatever she has around her.

4. She has no time for shenanigans.

Tinkerbell_Being_PoutyWhen you’re Peter Pan’s right-hand pixie, tomfoolery is beneath you.

5. Tink’s multi-faceted.

Tinkerbell_CryingShe may seem tough, but Tink has a soft side, especially when it comes to Peter Pan.

6. She uses her size to her advantage.

Tinkerbell_Dipping_Shoes_In_InkBeing tiny has perks. Need to provide directions on a dilapidated old pirate map? A quick ink-dip and a few pirouettes later, and Tink will have your course mapped in no time (preferably not one that leads to The Lost Boy’s hideout).

7. She can command attention when duty calls.

Tinkerbell_Giving_DirectionsTink is quite the storyteller and captivates her audience. We have a feeling she’d be ace at charades.

8. Tink has a stealth mode.

Tinkerbell_HidingEven though she literally glows, she’s small enough to sneak in and out of pretty much anywhere without being noticed.

9. Tink’s great at strategy.

Tinkerbell_PlanningDirectly after the above moment, Peter Pan slingshots himself off of the Jolly Roger’s net into Captain Hook.

10. Tink will tell you when you have upset her.

Tinkerbell_Sassing_Captain_HookHonesty is the best policy.

What’s your favorite thing about Tinker Bell? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 6 years Ago
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