Graphing Disney Pixar with the Help of Inside Out

We’ve now seen Inside Out many, many times and each time we revel in the feels. REVEL. Naturally, we wanted to revisit the feels we’ve felt in Disney Pixar movies past. What better way to do that than combining the Inside Out emotions with a series of graphs carefully detailing the experience of watching a Pixar movie? (Rhetorical question. There is no better way).


omd_insideout_graph_gacchino_rough_v5 (1)


omd_graphingpixar_1 omd_graphingpixar_2c (1)


omd_graphingpixar_2b (1)


omd_graphingpixar_3_V2 (1)


omd_graphingpixar_4 (1)




omd_graphingpixar_7_B (1)

Which graph is your favorite? Inside Out in now playing in theaters!

Posted 6 years Ago
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