What Your Favorite Disney Pixar Character Says About You

Using accurate science and sound reasoning, we’re about to dive deep into your psyche to discover the profound relationship between you and your favorite Disney•Pixar character.


And by that, we mean we drew a couple of fun comparisons using the science of silliness. All you’ve gotta do is pick your favorite character from the list below, and you’ll discover your true self. You’re welcome.


Dory, Finding Nemo
Dory talks to Marlin in Finding Nemo
You’re the kind of person (or fish) who enjoys the silly side of (marine) life. Your sense of humor never goes unnoticed, and best of all, your loyalty is oceans deep. Also, you can remember “P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney” better than your own address.


Boo, Monsters, Inc.
Boo reaches arms out in Monsters Inc
Your Instagram feed is likely filled with cute animals, and you’re a sucker for all things classified “adorable.” The margins of your notebooks are doodled with hearts, flowers, and smileys, and your happy-go-lucky attitude is infectious (we mean that word in the least threatening way).


Edna Mode, The Incredibles
Edna Mode stands on top of table in The Incredibles
Attitude makes your world go ‘round. Your quick wit and keen eye for beauty are undeniable, and you’re never afraid to speak your mind. Stay fearless. Stay cape-less. Stay fab, dahling.


Woody, Toy Story
Woody looks down from shelf in Toy Story
You’re the natural leader of your squad and would do anything to help a friend. And by anything, we mean completing a dangerous daycare rescue mission to save your pals from an evil pink teddy bear. Orrrrrr maybe just offering solid advice to a friend in need. There may or may not be a snake in your boot.


Lightning McQueen, Cars
Lightning McQueen is in Tokyo in Cars 2
You live life in the fast lane and are gung-ho for almost any adventure. Your competitive spirit and drive to be the best of the best makes you a great teammate in both the sports world and the non-sports world.


WALL-E pats seat
You love love. And more than that, you love the people (or robots) in your life. You’re a hopeful romantic and are selfless when it comes to other people’s (or robots’) happiness. You know that actions speak louder than whirs and robotic hums.


Joy, Inside Out
Joy is happy in Inside Out
The name pretty much says it all with this one.


Dug, Up
Dug has cone of shame in Up
Your favorite pastimes include smiling, laughing, and playing. You know growing up is optional, and you opt to hold onto your signature youthfulness. And you also do not like the cone of shame.


Chef Gusteau, Ratatouille
Chef Gusteau points at Remy on TV in Ratatouille
Whatever you do, you do with genuine, larger-than-life passion. Your zeal for living each day to its fullest inspires everyone around you, and everything you say should probably be printed on motivational posters in classrooms.


Heimlich, A Bug’s Life
Heimlich shrugs in A Bug's Life
You have an appetite for fun and more importantly, food. You don’t get people who “forgot to eat lunch,” and you Instagram every meal you eat because the world has to know. Your daily schedule revolves around mealtime and snacktime, and you have a second stomach for dessert. Speaking of which, is it snack time yet?


What does your favorite Disney•Pixar character say about you? Tell us in the comments below!

Posted 3 years Ago
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