Things You Only Notice When You Watch The Lion King for the Hundredth Time

The Lion King is one of the most beloved films of all time. We don’t need to tell you that. We also don’t need to tell you that even though this masterpiece just turned twenty-one, we’re still watching it on a regular basis. We watch it because we love it; because the music is infectious; because the story is timeless; because young Simba will always be super cute. And because it makes us happy. While we love seeing our favorite moments over and over again, we also let our eyes wander to small details that are easy to overlook. Like what? Like this:

1. Pride Rock totally looks like an animal (bear? we can’t quite put our finger on it) with its mouth slightly open.
You see it too, don’t you?

2. This mouse has green eyes.
We didn’t know mice could have green eyes. This mouse is clearly special.

3. Speaking of which, Nala’s eyes are the same color as her mom’s, but Simba’s and Sarabi’s eye colors are different.
Simba’s are the same color as Mufasa’s. How do lion genetics work?

4. Over the course of the movie Zazu looses a lot of feathers …
… yet he never runs out of feathers.

5. Simba has whiskers but Nala doesn’t.
Is this a cat thing? Again, we’re not super on top of lion genetics.

6. Rafiki has met at least one horse with a really long torso.
(According to his drawing.) Is that a horse? Also is it next to a horse-sized lizard? Unclear.

7. Rafiki’s stick seems purely ceremonial.
Sometimes he needs it to walk, sometimes he doesn’t. The above is the only logical conclusion.

What’s something you only noticed after watching The Lion King for the hundredth time? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 7 years Ago
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