A Definitive Ranking of Disney Weddings

When planning a wedding, the list of choices you must make is endless. Indoor or outdoor? Band or DJ? Carnations or lilies? Seafood entree option or just vegetarian (as some of your guests may be fish)? As with all important life decisions, we find these choices are best made by looking back at what our favorite Disney characters have done.


In honor of wedding season, join us as we countdown the top Disney weddings.


127. Beauty and the Beast – Gaston & Gaston’s Ego
Gaston preparing for wedding in Beauty and the Beast
Coming in absolutely last on this list is Gaston’s surprise wedding for Belle. Sure, it may boast a live band, and the tasteful cherry blossom pink and cream color scheme does fit the outdoor setting perfectly. But all that is moot due to this ceremony’s failure to provide sufficient seating for guests, and for seating the groom’s ex-girlfriends next to the altar. That’s just tacky. Plus, failing to notify the potential bride or check if she even wants to get married is a huge wedding faux pas.


6. One Hundred and One Dalmatians – Roger & Anita
Anita and Roger and Pongo and Perdita getting married in 101 Dalmatians
Understated and simple, Roger and Anita’s wedding is everything a small wedding should be. Set in an elegant chapel at sunset, the last beams of daylight pour in through the windows providing just the right mood lighting for the couple’s “I do’s.” Although they’re stuck outside looking in, even Perdita and Pongo can’t help getting swept up in the emotion of it all and reciting their vows as well.


5. Tangled Ever After – Rapunzel & Flynn
Rapunzel and Flynn get married in Tangled Ever After
Rapunzel and Flynn’s ceremony is not going to win any awards for smoothest execution. But let’s be honest—all of the best weddings end with a crazy story about something going wrong, whether it be the bridesmaids showing up at the wrong church, or the horse and chameleon groomsmen accidentally losing the rings and going on a wacky adventure mid-ceremony. This one is sure to make the grandkids chortle whenever the wedding album makes an appearance.


4. The Princess and the Frog – Tiana & Naveen
Tiana and Naveen get married in The Princess and the Frog
Naveen’s butterfly bowtie really takes this wedding up a few notches. It makes it clear that this event, while formal, is still going to let the couple’s unique personalities shine. Same goes for the setting. Nothing says “two frogs who have fallen in love after being put under a voodoo curse” like a destination wedding where that destination is a swamp.


3. Robin Hood – Maid Marian & Robin Hood
Robin Hood and Maid Marian leave chapel after wedding
Robin Hood and Maid Marian’s wedding was a true community affair. Everyone, small and large, young and old, played a part, making this a special day not just for the fox bride and groom, but also for the whole townships of Nottingham and Sherwood. Bonus points for getting Robin Hood to wear sleeves. Minus points for not getting anyone else to wear pants.


2. Cinderella – Cinderella & Prince Charming
Cinderella and Prince Charming waving from their carriage
Cinderella’s wedding could’ve easily come across as over-the-top. (Just because you have the full wealth of the kingdom at your disposal, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to show it.) But Cinderella possesses the grace, poise, and kindness to pull it all off. The horse-drawn carriage, the royal guard, and the cheering crowds are all executed with the right amount of restraint to perfectly fit this elegant affair. Just look at that royal wave.


1. The Little Mermaid – Ariel & Eric
Triton makes a rainbow in the Little Mermaid
Humans, a dog, fish, seagulls, crabs, merpeople, and a royal boat! This wedding had it all. But it wasn’t the magical crazy daytime rainbow light show that the guests were talking about afterwards. It was that special moment when Ariel and Eric were able to exchange their vows in front of everyone they cared about, regardless of their species or ability to breathe out of water.


Which Disney wedding is your favorite happily ever after? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 7 years Ago
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