The Most Ahhh-Worthy GIFs From the New Good Dinosaur Trailer

The Good Dinosaur trailer is here and it is stunning and we watched it with dropped jaws and teary eyes and hearts full of hope. Disney•Pixar’s upcoming film, which opens in theaters this Thanksgiving, chronicles the adventures of Arlo (the cutest little dino we ever did see) and Spot, a human (the two species live together in the world of the film because that fateful asteroid missed hitting Earth and thus, dinosaurs never went extinct). What struck us most about the trailer was the absolutely stunning photo-real imagery! We hardly believed what we were seeing was animation. Take a look and you’ll see what we mean:



Let’s go over some of the most beautiful moments:
Good Dinosaue - Lizard


Good Dinosaur - Rain and Leaves


Good Dinosaur - Arlo, Spot, Birds


And the moments that we foresee making us cry, as only Pixar can make us cry:
Good Dinosaur - Arlo, Spot, Fireflies


Good Dinosaur - Arlo and Spot


Yup, tears will definitely be shed. What did you think of the trailer for The Good Dinosaur? Tell us in the comments!


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Posted 6 years Ago
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