Anna’s Guide to Never Being Bored Again

When your sister with ice powers has to shut you out to protect you, leaving you with lots of time on your hands and no best buddy, are you just going to lie around staring at a clock and watching the hours tick by? Well, maybe. But not all the time. If you follow Anna’s guide to never being bored again, you will never be bored again. It’s this simple:


1. Play with dolls.
Baby Anna from Frozen plays with dolls
Don’t act like you’re too old for this. Playing with dolls is like using your imagination but way better because you have tiny props.


2. Ride your bike around the halls.
Anna lies in the hands of a suit of armor after riding bike in Frozen
All the solo practice time should enable you to perform fantastic feats of skill, such as balancing on one foot while your bike careens violently down a spiral staircase. (Note: we don’t recommend doing this unless you’re a professional. And not just any professional, either. A professional bike stuntperson. Other kinds of professionals, forget about it.)


3. Talk to the pictures on the walls.
Anna from Frozen saying hang in there Joan
They have stories to tell, too. Plus, they’re always watching you and maybe judging what you do and say, so it behooves you to make pleasant conversation so they’ll be on your side.


4. As a follow up, insert yourself into the pictures’ stories.
Anna from Frozen bowing to painting
You can literally hop from world to world. How cool is that?


5. If things are looking dire, you could always watch the hours tick by … for a little while.
Anna from Frozen watching the hours tick by
Maybe if you study a clock closely enough for long enough, you can perfect your internal clock to the degree where you never need to look at a clock again??


6. Eat chocolate.
Anna from Frozen eating chocolate
This needs no explanation.


7. Find some duckies.
Anna from Frozen holds ducklings
Name the duckies. Befriend the duckies.


8. Go swinging.
Anna from Frozen swinging
It’s probably beautiful outside, and now that you’re a grown up you can swing all by yourself! No pushing required.


9. Count your salad plates.
Anna from Frozen holding up salad plates
At some point there might be a coronation, and you don’t want to be caught off guard by how many salad plates you own.


What life tips have you learned from Anna? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 6 years Ago
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