9 Reasons You Should Definitely Not Watch a Disney Movie Right Now

1. They’re not funny.
Sebastian's Jaw Dropping in The Little Mermaid


2. Or romantic.
Aladdin Gives Jasmine a Flower


3. Or full of epic moments.
Rakifi Holding Simba in The Lion King


4. They never end well.
Mr Darling Sees the Jolly Roger in Peter Pan


5. They don’t inspire you to follow your dreams.
Princess Tiana GIF


6. Or remind you that anything is possible.
Dumbo Flying


7. We don’t see ourselves in them.
Belle and Dandelions in Beauty and the Beast


8. Honestly, who would want to watch a Disney movie?
Pascal with Rats Tangled


9. There’s nothing they can teach us.
Pocahontas Stop John Smith from Shooting


… Except that Disney movies do all of these things, and teach us a lot. They have a magical way of meaning something special to everyone: young or old. They represent our childhoods and all the possibilities of the future, simultaneously. So, if you’re ever wondering whether or not you should watch a Disney movie, the answer is always yes.¬†Obviously.

Posted 3 years Ago
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