Dory’s Guide to Making New Friends

So, you wanna make a new friend and you’re a talking fish with short-term memory loss. You’re in luck! With Dory’s helpful hints to save you from accidental social sabotage* you can swim confidently through the sea of friendship.


*Not guaranteed to save you from a whale’s mouth, a jellyfish forest, or a meeting of sharks.


1. First thing’s first. Introduce yourself!
Dory forgets in Finding Nemo
Try not to immediately forget who you met or where you are.


2. When it comes to new friends, accept all species with open fins.
Dory meets Bruce in Finding Nemo
Don’t judge a shark by his sharp 300-toothed cover.


3. Turn a life-threatening jellyfish forest situation into a silly game with your new friend.
Dory touches jellyfish in Finding Nemo
Danger, schmanger!


4. There’s no such thing as too many brand new best friends forever.
Dory meets sea turtles in Finding Nemo
Grab shell, dude(s)!


5. Support your new friends’ weird talents and hobbies.
School of fish make an arrow in Finding Nemo
Including, but not limited to, pantomiming directions as a perfectly choreographed group.


6. When offered the chance to fly to a dentist’s office via a pelican’s throat pouch, do it.
Nigel tells Dory and Marlin to get in beak in Finding Nemo
Ask questions later.


7. Don’t be afraid to share your deepest darkest secrets.
Dory hasn't eaten fish in Finding Nemo
Are you a fish who’s never eaten a fish? Let it all out.


8. Learn a few phrases in their native tongue.
Dory speaks whale in Finding Nemo
Or literally on their native tongue.


9. When your new friend is feeling down, sing to them.
Dory tells Marlin to just keep swimming in Finding Nemo
Goodbye, Mr. Grumpy Gills. Hello, Mr. Best Friend forever and ever!


What have you learned from Dory on the art of making new friends? Tell us in the comments below!

Posted 2 years Ago
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