Rats Are Misunderstood and Ratatouille is Proof

Rats: they’re vermin, they’re disgusting, and they’re useless … right? Wrong. If anyone can cook, anyone can learn to love a rat. For those of you who aren’t already rat fans, we’re here to break down (with the help of our friend Remy) why rats are so misunderstood.


Misconception #1: Rats are mindless creatures.
Fact: They’re capable of feats of mind control yet to be explained by science.


Misconception #2: Rats are puny and helpless.
Fact: Some rats do indeed lift. And when they band together, anything can happen (like, say, saving a restaurant).


Misconception #3: Rats are incapable of feeling.
Fact: They actually have a lot feelings, mainly that of hunger, but also happiness (when they eat), sadness (when they’re not eating), fear (that they might not get to eat), and so on and so forth. Of course, there’s also Remy’s big dreams and beautiful ambition. What feelings are more beautiful than those?


Misconception #4: Rats are dirty.
You show us an industrial kitchen flash steamer and we’ll show you fifty rats ready to be up to hygienic code.


Misconception #5: Rats don’t know how to communicate.
Fact: Rats probably have a heightened awareness of the world as a result of constantly running away from humans, having to scavenge for food, and keeping their giant rat families together. How many of us humans are able to speak to the ghosts of highly esteemed chefs, even if they’re just figments of the imagination?


There you have it. The next time you see a rat, we hope that you think of it not as a burden on society but as a potential partner in food-making and cheese-eating.

Posted 6 years Ago
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