10 Weird Things Disney Fans Google

This is probably a safe place to admit our most embarrassing secrets, right? Because we’re about to lay it on the line and say, as Disney fans, we’ve been known to Google a thing or two that others would consider “weird.”


04 how to speak whale

01 dory marlin plankton whale finding nemo

BeeEEeeEEeCccaaaUUuuseeeeEe wEEeeee TRiiiiIIEeed itTtt Attt theeEEEe AaaquuaarRRriiUUmmmM anDdd itTtt DiiiiiDDddddnnnnn’T sssEEeeem TooooOoo WooooOOOoRrrrrrKk.


10 nants ingonyama

11 simba baby

Possibly the hardest lyrics to spell ever.


12 how to get critters to clean the house

13 snow white critters clean

Sundays would be much less of a chore.


08 what is beyond infinity

04 buzz lightyear toy story pose cool

We need answers, Buzz!


13 directions to paradise falls

14 paradise falls up

With these Google Maps directions, we’ll never be lost!


16 where to adopt pet chameleon

17 pascal flynn frying pan tangled

The best sidekick a fan could ask for.


06 how to tell if toys are alive

07 toy story pricklepants trixie playing pretend

We’d rather not take the Sid route.


07 ways to keep snowman from melting in summer

08 olaf warm hugs frozen

Not that we’re planning to build our own Olaf or anything…


09 how to get makeup off in one wipe

09 mulan makeup wipe reflection

What’s your secret, Mulan?!


18 personal healthcare companion

18 baymax low battery big hero 6

On a scale of 1 to 10, we’re at a 10 for how badly we need a real Baymax in our lives.


Okay, admit it. You’ve done it, too. Tell us your weird Disney searches in the comments.



Posted 5 years Ago
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