Rex’s Arms are His Only Shortcoming

Thesis statement: Rex from Toy Story is a flawless character. We mean it! We took an analytical look at Rex and rated him in a variety of categories, from personality (obvious 10/10) all the way down to his only possible shortcoming: his arms.


Personality: 10/10
He’s a tyrannosaurus rex who is self-conscious about his scariness, or lack thereof. That’s memorable.


Relatability: 10/10
He’s a wee bit afraid of rejection, and aren’t we all?


Interests: 10/10
Rex plays video games in Toy Story 2
His love for video games knows no bounds, and the guide he read in Al’s Toy Barn basically lead fake-Buzz to find the elevator shaft on the way to rescue Woody.


Upstanding Citizen-ness: 10/10
He respects rules and regulations.


Achievements: 10/10
Toy Story, Zurg
Rex couldn’t beat Emperor Zurg in the video game (after all, he can’t press “fire” and “jump” at the same time) but he beat Zurg in real life.


Aww-ness: 10/10
Rex Being Clumsy Toy Story 2 GIF
To clarify: he beat Zurg adorably with an accidental swipe of his tail.


Inspirational Actions: 10/10
Partysaurus Rex
Rex reminds us that it’s possible to overcome our anxieties and let loose every now and again.


And then one more time.
Rex throwing party hat on in Partysaurus Rex


Wingspan: 3/10
Okay, this is literally the only place Rex falls short (hehe). But if you really think about it, his short arms were still long enough to start one of the greatest bathtub parties on record. And if he didn’t have short arms, he could have conquered video game Zurg easily, not read the guide, not caused fake Buzz to look to the left in the shadows, which would have prevented the gang from saving Woody, which would have ruined Toy Story 2, and probably 3 and 4. So actually … Rex’s arms get a 10/10, too.



And there you have it. 10/10 across the board. Rex is the most perfect toy T-Rex on the scene.

Posted 6 years Ago
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