10 Signs You’re Actually Rapunzel

What’s in a mane? That by which we call a Blondie by any other name would still be the lost princess with magical hair and healing powers. If you think there’s even a minor chance that you might be Rapunzel, this list will settle the question for you once and for all.


1. When you’re excited about something, you’re EXCITED.
Rapunzel Princess BFF Answer
You’ve been accused of calling 30% of days the “best day ever,” but it’s endearing and you always mean it, so you should never stop.


2. You are not entirely convinced that shoes are in any way necessary.
If you’re able to get around without them, why not keep your toes free?


3. You’re incredibly well-rounded.
Rapunzel knit
Your talents range from the artistic to the athletic to the analytical. You are a modern day Renaissance man/woman.


4. Your diplomacy skills are legend.
Rapunzel maximus
You can talk anyone into anything, and you only use that power for good.


5. Your hair glows and has magical healing superpowers.
Rapunzel Supernatural Power Tangled
Or at the very least, there’s no definitive proof that it doesn’t.


6. You’ve always had a sneaking suspicion that you might be a princess.
Rapunzel lanterns
You bear a striking resemblance to an infant princess who went missing eighteen years ago. The evidence is becoming too strong to ignore.


7. You’re a morning person who cannot be stopped.
The list of tasks you accomplish between 7:00 and 7:15am is honestly shocking.


8. You keep company with a fast-talking bandit.
He has a secret heart of gold and a not-so-secret face of smolder.


9. Your pet is extremely expressive.
He has stronger opinions about every aspect of your life than any human does.


10. You see the good in absolutely everyone.
What-Disney-Movies-Taught-Us-About-Girl-Power--Rapunzel copy
It’s a beautiful quality, and it makes you beloved wherever you go.


Did you just discover that you are Rapunzel? Let us know in the comments!

Posted 4 years Ago
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