10 Things We Learned from the ‘Pixar Secrets Revealed’ Panel

Woody’s got a friend in Buzz, Dory just keeps swimming, and Carl and Ellie are the perfect pair. The universal truths of Disney•Pixar are undeniable, but there are plenty of weird almost-stories and “what if’s” in between. Here’s what we learned from Director Dan Scanlon, Senior Producer Darla K. Anderson, Director Mark Andrews, Senior Development Executive Mary Coleman, and Co-Director Ronnie del Carmen from their D23 EXPO panel, “Pixar Secrets Revealed!”




1. Woody was a jerk in Toy Story.
Woody and gang in Toy Story
As it turns out, audiences don’t really like mean protagonists.


2. Dean Hardscrabble was a male scarer in Monsters University.
Dean Hardscrabble in MU
Make way for Queen Helen Mirren.


3. “Charles Muntz” would be revealed to be Muntz’s evil nephew in Up.
Muntz concept art in Up
Plot twists galore!


4. Remy had a family who was exterminated by humans in Ratatouille.
Emile, Remy, Django in Ratatouille
Yikes. We much prefer the beautiful shots of food and the always inspirational Chef Gusteau.


5. Mike and Sulley would accidentally escape into the human world after the first 20 minutes of Monsters University.
Sulley and Mike concept art in MU
The majority of movie, despite the title, would’ve taken place there.


6. Joy and Fear were paired up in Inside Out (as opposed to Joy and Sadness).
Joy and Sadness in Inside Out
Sadness was then given a bigger role. Sorry, Bill Hader.


7. The Yeti in Monsters, Inc. served as more of a marriage therapist between Mike and Sulley.
Yeti says welcome to the Himalayas in Monsters Inc
Abominable, schabominable.


8. Toy Story’s ending included a reference to The Shining, with Little Dolly saying, “Red rum.”
Sid in Toy Story
As if Sid’s toys weren’t scary enough.


9. Brave was set in the snowy winter.
Merida concept art in Brave
If Pixar had the chance to change their weather, would they? (Yes.)


10. The Pixar Theory is not a real thing. “It’s not true — come on!” Andrews said.
Heimlich in A Bug's Life
“Do you know what kinds of meetings we’d have to have to make sure all our movies line up?!” del Carmen remarked.


Do you know any more Pixar secrets? Tell us in the comments below!


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Posted 6 years Ago
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