Marshmallow Appreciation Post

From the moment we first meet Marshmallow from Frozen, it’s love. In fact, it’s safe to say that we’ve never been more enamored with a giant ice creature. Though his screen time is sparse, Marshmallow leaves quite an impression. He’s everything we want in a friend. He’s everything we want to be. Have we gone too far? Maybe. Let’s go over Marshmallow’s most adorable and memorable moments, and see if you agree:


When Marshmallow is created he looks pretty scary.
Marshmallow is Created in Frozen
There is an ice cloud and his eyes glow. This is intimidating.


But we already begin to like him when he kicks Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf out of Elsa’s ice palace.
Marshmallow Kicks Anna, Kristoff and Olaf Out in Frozen
Why? Because he does it in a pretty cute fashion, and honestly, we get his need for alone time.


Then, Anna hits him with a snowball.
Marshmallow Gets Hit by a Snowball in Frozen
His childlike confusion makes us smile, and even when he gets upset about it, he manages to keep the mood light somehow. The glowing eyes are growing on us at this point.


Even this tree is enough to utterly confound Marshmallow.
Marshmallow Hit by a Tree in Frozen
Look at him: incapable of carrying the weight of his body as he tumbles over with excesses of charm.


Then, Olaf latches onto his leg and he just cannot handle what is happening.
Marshmallow is Confused by Olaf in Frozen
We’re really feeling a close kinship to Marshmallow now, as his facial expression is basically how we look as we go through life.


When we think Marshmallow has gone aggro and might not be the nicest, he finds Elsa’s crown and smiles for the first time.
Marshmallow Finds the Crown in Frozen
It is a moment.


And when Marshmallow puts that crown on, the spikes melt away, and he is finally his truest self.
Marshmallow Puts on the Crown in Frozen
He’s so happy. We just want to give him a hug. Look at his face. Look.


And thus, we grow from fearing this gentle giant to loving him in the span of ninety or so minutes. Here’s to you, Marshmallow, purveyor of truth and bringer of joy. We salute you.


What’s your favorite Marshmallow moment from Frozen? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 6 years Ago
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