7 Things That Happened at Our Emperor’s New Groove Screening

Last night, we partnered with the famous El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood to host a #DisneyThrowback screening of The Emperor’s New Groove. It was no ordinary screening, either: there were a slew of fun extras, including everything from a DIY station, to trivia, to the filmmakers reuniting for the film’s 15th anniversary. Join us as we recap the night:


1. Guests were all ears for our Disney Style DIY ear station, complete with Yzma-inspired purple ribbon and feathers.


2. We found out who was king of our treasured trivia. (It was every single one of you. You guys are impossible to stump.)


3. Kuzco might have a theme song guy, but the El Capitan has an organist who plays Disney music.


4. Fans strutted their stuff in incredibly creative costumes that were “scary (good) beyond all reason.”


5. Afterwards, we raffled off prizes that were as good as gold, from a behind-the-scenes tour of the theater to signed posters from the filmmakers.
kuzco dance emperors new groove


6. We bet fans weren’t expecting THIS: fresh spinach puffs! (No, we didn’t burn them.)


7. Finally, it was time for the filmmakers panel hosted by Executive Producer Don Hahn, featuring writer Chris Williams, Head of Story Steve Anderson, Producer Randy Fullmer, Director Mark Dindal and Screenwriter David Reynolds. You can still watch it for the next three hours on our Periscope.


We’ll leave you with some photos and a final, “Boom, baby!” for good measure:


Posted 5 years Ago
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