Olaf’s Guide to Giving Warm Hugs

The weather’s getting colder, the days are getting shorter, and we still haven’t figured out a way to live permanently at Disneyland. All of these things combined mean we’re in need of Olaf’s warm hugs now more than ever. Fill that void with these easy steps for giving warm hugs as though you, too, are a snowman:

1. Find someone who looks like they could use a hug.
Olaf_WorthMeltingForExamples could include: someone who has just accidentally revealed their secret ice powers to the world, someone who has fallen in love with someone who is engaged, someone whose fiancé has just betrayed them, etc.

2. Approach your designated hug recipient slowly.
Olaf_AnnaHugsIt will improve your chances of receiving permission to hug if you know the hug recipient, but they can also be a stranger or a couple of sisters who just built you.

3. Make eye contact and open your stick arms wide to indicate that you would like to give them a hug.
Olaf_SvenAnnaKristoffIf they consent to the hug, they will open their arms as well.

4. Now you are two people facing each other and holding your arms out. But wait! There’s a height differential we must contend with before any hugging can take place.
Elsa-Anna-and-Olaf-in-FrozenAs a snowman, you are about three feet tall. You’re going to have to stretch to your tiptoes, and you’ll still end up hugging their knees.

5. Deploy the hug.
Olaf-meeting-anna-and-hans-in-frozenThis isn’t just any hug; it’s a warm hug. As such, you should think warm, lovely thoughts.

6. Be careful that your carrot nose doesn’t get pushed through your head due to the force of the hug.
LOL - Frozen - Olaf noseBut even if it does, it’ll be an adorable little unicorn horn.

7. It’s possible that you’ll be hugged so hard that all the pieces of your snowman body fall apart.
Olaf,-Anna,-Kristoff-from-FrozenConsider this a very, very successful hug.

Good luck and happy warm hugging to one and all.

Posted 5 years Ago
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