A Definitive Ranking of Will Turner Quotes

When it comes to Pirates of the Caribbean quotes, Captain Jack Sparrow tends to get all the attention. And for good reason—every sentence out of his mouth is sheer brilliance. But our resident lovable blacksmith-turned-pirate has some pithy things to say, too. Join us as we count down the greatest Will Turner quotes:


8. Will’s first attempt at commandeering a ship.
Will Turner shouting Aye Avast in Pirates of the Caribbean
The look on Captain Jack’s face here pretty much says it all. The Will we meet at the outset of Pirates of the Caribbean is trying his best to pirate, but pirating to him seems to mean shouting pirate buzzwords at random. Has there ever been anything more endearing?


7. Will’s scathing retort to Captain Jack.
Will Turner says he avoids familiarity with pirates in Pirates of the Caribbean
No one has ever been more committed to the law than Will Turner prior to meeting Captain Jack. This quote concisely sums up his entire identity at this point, and it’s hilarious because he’s about to become super familiar with about eighty pirates.


6. Will’s unapologetic pride in his hard work.
Will Turner says he practices three hours a day in Pirates of the Caribbean
Will’s commitment to the law is matched only by his work ethic. Is anyone practicing with him, or is he sword fighting imaginary foes? Only he can say.


5. Will’s outburst of concern for Elizabeth.
Will Turner says that's not good enough in Pirates of the Caribbean
This moment is amazing because it demonstrates that Will’s love for Elizabeth is so strong that he forgets his normally wonderful manners and abandons all sense of propriety. He would do anything to save her, including break the rules, and rules are basically his lifeblood.


4. The time Will said what we were all thinking.
Will Turner tells Jack Sparrow this is either madness or brilliance in Pirates of the Caribbean
Will’s observational game is strong here. Nothing could more adequately summarize our feelings towards Captain Jack’s schemes.


3. The time Will made us all scream, “YES.”
Will Turner tells Elizabeth he loves her in Pirates of the Caribbean
The moment Will confesses his love for Elizabeth (and calls her Elizabeth instead of Miss Swann, no less!) is the moment we knew that this adventure had truly changed him.


2. The way Will stands up for his best friend.
Will Turner says his place is between Norrington and Jack in Pirates of the Caribbean
If this moment made you stand up and cheer the first time you watched this movie, raise your hand. (Our hands are aggressively raised.)


1. The moment Will’s character arc reached completion.
Will Turner defends Jack Sparrow as a good man in Pirates of the Caribbean
Gone is the timid, uptight, rule-abiding blacksmith. Here is a confident, self-possessed, morally righteous pirate. We absolutely love Elizabeth and Will together, but it’s possible that our very favorite relationship in this movie is Jack and Will’s friendship.


What’s your favorite Will Turner quote? Tell us below!

Posted 6 years Ago
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