9 Easy Ways to Celebrate Your Love for Disney on the Daily

Is your day lacking a bit of Disney magic? Are you looking for a few simple tips and tricks to add a bit of excitement to your 9 to 5? We have the solution for you.


1. Bake some delicious Winnie the Pooh cornbread muffins.
No joke — these bad boys are delicious and look simply adorable.


2. Learn some Disney history.

Did you know that Walt Disney was an avid railroading enthusiast? Of course you did. But if you didn’t, check this out!


3. Watch a fireworks spectacular … from home!
It’s simple: Haul out some speakers, turn them up (but not too loud!), and sit right in the middle. BOOM. Instant fireworks; just add YouTube.


4. Start planning your next vacation!
Studies have shown that the pleasure derived from the anticipation of a vacation is just as good as an actual vacation. Now, did someone say Walt Disney World this weekend?


5. Find hidden Mickeys in real life!
Truth be told, Mickey can be found in all walks of life. You just need to open your eyes to the magical possibilities!


6. Take a virtual trip to Broadway!

If you can’t hop on an airplane and head to the Great White Way, there’s an easier option! Any moment that includes Alan Menken is better than a moment that doesn’t include Alan Menken.. Enough said.


7. Plan your next DisneyBound outfit.
So many characters, so many possibilities. And if you can’t choose, there’s a quiz for that!


8. Channel your inner Snow White.
AKA be kind to every critter, big or small, just look how happy it made her! We want that life.


9. Marry another fellow Disney fan.

(If you happen to be in a loving relationship with one.) But if Disney’s taught us anything, it’s that love can be found in the most unexpected of places! Just take Disneyland Resort announcer Bill Rogers and his wife, Disney California Adventure announcer Camille Dixon.


How do you add a bit of Disney to your day? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 6 years Ago
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