8 Things You Didn’t Know About Aladdin

If we had three wishes, we’d use all of them on being able to watch Aladdin every day for the rest of forever. But just watching the movie over and over can’t satiate our need for trivia facts … which is why we’ve compiled this list. Go forth and learn some new things!


1. 513 people worked on the film.


2. Robin Williams improvised 16 hours of material for the Genie.


3. The day of a particularly bad screening of an early version of the film, was dubbed “Black Friday” by the crew. They spent the next eight days completely restructuring the story.
6-10 Answer, Bad Synopsis, Aladdin and Genie


4. Animator Glen Keane based Aladdin’s pants off of those worn by none other than MC Hammer.

5. Rubbing the lamp original gifted Aladdin with unlimited wishes. Filmmakers finally decided that three wishes made the plot stronger and the stakes higher.


6. Originally Aladdin’s character design was based on Michael J. Fox, but Jeffrey Katzengberg wanted Aladdin to be an iconic hero type, so he suggested a look more inspired by Tom Cruise.


7. According to Jonathan Freeman, Jafar’s voice is based on a mix of Vincent Price and Boris Karloff.
Villain Spotlight Series - Jafar 7


8. In an early version of the story there were two genies, one with a lamp and one with a ring.


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Posted 6 years Ago
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