What Your Favorite Tangled Character Says About You

You can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep, the way they treat animals, and their stance on hacky sacks. But you can tell everything about a person based on who their favorite Tangled character is. Pick your favorite and uncover your destiny below:



Everything you do, you make sure to do it well. While you’re incredibly driven, your morals are just as important to you as achieving your goals. You’ve always placed equal importance on the journey and the destination. The thought of letting the people you love down gives you nightmares, but you really shouldn’t worry—you’ve got good sense and a good heart to back it up.


Flynn Rider
Which Tangled Character Are You? Flynn
You’d rather speak your mind than hide the way you feel just because you’re worried someone won’t like what you have to say. In everything you do, you’re bold and fearless. It would be easy for someone on the outside looking in to assume you have it all figured out, but underneath your confident, devil-may-care attitude, you worry about not reaching your full potential. That’s a wasted worry though—you’re too capable to let yourself down.


Mother Gothel
Villain Spotlight Series about Mother Gothel posing
No matter where you are or what you’re doing, your top priority is doing it with style. You love things that are big, bold, and outrageous, because they remind you of how you aspire to live your life. Other people love to stand in the glow from your spotlight, because with you around, life is never boring.


06 pascal upside down tangled
You’re sharp, clever, and you know what you like. The idea of sharing your opinions with the world has never intimidated you, because you’re confident enough to stand by what you believe no matter what others think. You’ve got a silly side that attracts all kinds of people to your inner circle.


You’ve got a healthy appreciation for the rules, but you’re not a mindless follower. In fact, you’re far more intellectual than others may immediately realize, and you spend plenty of your time thinking deeply about abstract things. Though you can occasionally be stubborn, you’re smart enough to realize when you’re wrong, and honest enough to change your mind.


Hook-Hand Thug
Which Tangled Character Are You? Hook Hand
You’ve never been one to take yourself too seriously, and that, combined with your sense of humor and your general cheerfulness, makes you a joy to be around. You’re unfailingly curious and sometimes act before thinking things through, but you’re optimistic enough to find a creative way out of any pickle you land in.


Stabbington Brothers
When you’re passionate about something, you want to know every last detail about it. You want to go out and buy every toy of it. You want to live in it. Friends know you as the well from which all trivia springs. If you stumble across a fact that’s even minorly fun, you’re quick to collect it and share it with the people you love.


Who’s your favorite Tangled character? Tell us below!

Posted 6 years Ago
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