14 Handy Disney GIFs for Any Situation

Disney GIF, the app that lets you communicate with your friends via Disney GIFs, is truly the GIF that keeps on giving. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, there’s never been a better time; today’s update makes it available for Android, Amazon, and iOS. In celebration of that, we present 14 Disney GIFs to keep handy in case you encounter any of the following common scenarios.


When you crank your wingman game up to 11:
The Lion King - thelionking_celebrate_86313212


When you literally lose your chill:
Frozen - Elsa_MagicallyMakesShowForAnna_ff11eaa3


When you snag an amazing parking spot:
BATB - Belle_SittingAtTable_wDancingFood_9ca9cf87


When you need your sibling to know you won the argument but you don’t want mom to see:
Tangled - Pascal_SticksOutTongue_031f3e25


When somebody begins their sentence with, “No offense, but …”
Toy Story - toystoryofterror_funny_1a729e46


When you have no wifi but want desperately to communicate with someone:
Nemo and Dory - findingnemo-dory_speaks_whale_b6be1a16


When you peel a clementine in one piece:
Little Mermaid - little_mermaid_ariel_yes_joy_celebrate_f1a02fce


When all your friends are hyped and you’re the definition of casual:
Winne the Pooh - winnie_anni_02_173966f7


When you show up empty-handed to a baby shower so your dance moves need to be the gift:
Aladdin - Guards_Dancing_2fdbde82


When you need to convince someone you’re adorable in a matter of seconds:
Mickey -fantasia_danceparty_aaf31d42


When you have no idea what anyone’s talking about but want to keep that confidential:
Mulan - mulan_happiness_cute_9e2b05d0


When you tell a super long joke and nail the punchline:
Brave - brave_-_merida_showing_off_789a6432


When you hear someone say the phrase “free snacks”:
Up - up_-_hi_5b624842


When the vending machine accidentally gives you two:
Pocahontas - poc_-_hair_flip_f7a1320c


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Posted 5 years Ago
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