8 Things You Didn’t Know About Monsters, Inc.

When it comes to monster movies, Monsters, Inc. is the scream of the crop. We love Mike Wazowski’s special mix of charisma and practicality and Sulley’s big heart. This gem of a film holds a special place in our collective heart. In honor of the movie’s anniversary today, we rummaged through our virtual closet of trivia to dig up some share-worthy, scare-worthy fun facts:


1. The legendary Frank Oz voices Fungus, Randall’s anxious assistant.
Frank Oz Monsters Inc
His Disney•Pixar portfolio also includes Subconscious Guard Dave in Inside Out.


2. Boo’s name is Mary.
Boo's name is Mary
Which rhymes with “scary.” And monsters are scary. COINCIDENCE?! We think not.


3. Sulley has 2,320,413 unique hairs on his body.
Sulley and Mike in Monsters Inc
And “hairy” rhymes with “scary,” which rhymes with “Mary.” Too far?


4. Harryhausen’s is named for Ray Harryhausen, a pioneer of stop-motion animation.
Who wouldn’t feel honored to be the inspiration behind monster sushi?


5. 90% of all the monsters in the film have Mike’s tongue.
Mike is a comedian
Which is odd. But also oddly appropriate for a movie about monsters.


6. Bob Peterson, the guy who voices Dug, is the same guy who voices Roz.
“Looks like somebody forgot to turn in their paperw—squirrel!”


7. There are about 5.7 million doors in the Door Vault.
Door vault in Monsters, Inc.
Fun fact: That’s nearly 5,699,999 more doors than we have in our bedrooms.


8. Boo’s bedroom is a Pixar Easter egg trove.
Boo and Nemo
Look for Nemo, Jessie, and the Luxo Ball.


What fun facts do you know about Monsters, Inc.? Tell us in the comments below!

Posted 6 years Ago
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