Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Short to Screen for the First Time in 87 Years

Over the years, the Disney name has become synonymous with Mickey Mouse, but what most people don’t realize, is that it was actually Oswald the Lucky Rabbit who inspired our favorite mouse. Sure, people are probably familiar with Mickey’s anthropomorphic inspiration, but they probably haven’t seen many of the original cartoons. Luckily, the BFI National Archive hit the web today with the news that they’d be screening a recently resurfaced six-minute Oswald short, titled Sleigh Bells, in London on December 12.




The original print, which has been restored with the help of Walt Disney Animation for the special event, was rediscovered by a researcher who had been looking through the Archive’s online catalogue. The exciting thing is that it hasn’t been screened since it’s original release back in 1928. If your math skills are up to par, that’s 87 years since an audience has seen it, which is pretty impressive if you ask me.


“What a joyful treat to discover a long-lost Walt Disney film in the BFI National Archive and to be able to show Sleigh Bells to a whole new audience 87 years after it was made,” BFI National Archive head curator Robin Baker stated.


Baker hopes that the film is able to introduce fans to “Disney’s work in the silent period” which he believes demonstrates the “vitality and imagination of his animation at a key point in his early career.”


It should certainly be an event to remember. If you’re achin’ to see more from this lucky rabbit, be sure to check out The Adventures Of Oswald The Lucky Rabbit, now on DVD as part of the Walt Disney Treasures Collection!

Posted 6 years Ago
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