Disney Movies Taught Us That Lime Green is a Harbinger of Evil

You think this casual, oblong fruit is harmless?

Lime Stock Photo from Thinkstock

Well, it is. Probably.

But if you’re in a Disney movie and you see the color lime green, you should probably take a knee and consider for a moment that you might be in the presence of unfathomable evil.


This trend began with the Disney film that started it all—Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Consider the Evil Queen and the uncanny lime hue of her eyeballs.
Evil Queen holds box in Snow White


Sometimes green juice is a great and healthy thing, but this evil potion she brews is not.
Evil Queen drinks potion in Snow White


If anything, her eyes become even more unnaturally lime-y after she disguises herself as an old witch.
Evil Queen transformed into old hag in Snow White


The potion she brews to poison the apple follows suit.
Evil Queen makes poison apple in Snow White


We move on to Cinderella. Green eyes are absolutely lovely (think Rapunzel, Esmeralda, etc.), but there is a distinct difference between green eyes and evil, soul-piercing lime. Behold, Lady Tremaine’s go-to glare.
Lady Tremaine Glares in Cinderella


This glare is a gift that her cat, Lucifer, also shares.
Lucifer scowls in Cinderella


Next of course is Maleficent, who terrorized the good citizens of Sleeping Beauty. Perhaps more than any other Disney Villain, Maleficent embraces the evil lime green glow.
Maleficent enters with green fire in Sleeping Beauty


It even surrounds her castle.
Maleficent's castle in Sleeping Beauty


Seriously, nothing good glows this color.
Aurora pricks her finger on the spinning wheel in Sleeping Beauty


Green fire, even. The commitment is almost admirable.
Maleficent dragon breathes fire in Sleeping Beauty


Next there’s Ursula, who conjures terrifying green lightning hands while performing the spell that takes away Ariel’s voice in The Little Mermaid.
Ursulas magic in The Little Mermaid


Then there’s Scar, who boasts the one-two punch of evil lime green eyes AND an entire lair of green smoke and fire, that explodes around him in perfect sync to “Be Prepared.”
Scar sings Be Prepared in The Lion King


Hercules accomplishes the unsavory yet heroic task of swimming through the lime green river of souls to save Meg’s life.
Hercules saving Megara


Last but not least, Dr. Facilier takes “It’s the green that I see” literally, when he conjures his friends on the other side.
Facilier conjures other side in The Princess and the Frog

We rest our case.

Posted 6 years Ago
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