10 Ways You Loved Tangled

Five years ago we met an adventurous, brave young princess named Rapunzel and her trusty pal, Pascal. We quickly learned that she was smart, strong, and courageous enough to follow her dreams and see the floating lanterns gleam. Oh, and she had some pretty magical locks, some great friends, and went on an epic adventure. Here are 10 ways you loved Tangled:


1. You started befriending local wildlife in hopes you’d find a companion like Pascal.
Pascal is emotive, friendly, and loyal. He plays games with Rapunzel and keeps her company even when she’s locked away in a remote tower—not to mention he is a great sounding board and adventure buddy when she faces trials and tough decisions after her escape. What more could you want in a chameleon companion?


2. You learned the importance of a morning routine.
Rapunzel redefined what it means to be a morning person.


3. Frying pans suddenly became multi-purpose tools.
Flynn Rider - Frying Pan
Skillets: They’re not just for cooking anymore. Rapunzel proved to us all that in addition to using a frying pan to make your breakfast, it also comes in handy as a self-defense tool.


4. You experienced the power of the smolder for the very first time.
Swoon-Worthy_Flynn Rider Smolder
When all else fails, charming thieves are left with no option but to break out the smolder. You were utterly impressed by Rapunzel’s ability to not only overpower the smolder, but also her power to break it.


5. The Pub Thugs reminded you that everyone could dream big.
Rapunzel and Flynn Falling in Love is Amazing - Tangled - Pub Thugs
You’ve heard all the idioms about judging someone by their appearance: Don’t judge a book by its cover, looks can be deceiving, all that is gold does not glitter. This sentiment was beautifully expressed in “I’ve Got a Dream,” and thanks to the ingenuity and talent of the Pub Thugs, we learned that even the most fearsome, vicious brute may just have a deep desire to be a concert pianist, or make a love connection. Pub Thugs: They’re just like us.


6. Maximus and Eugene Fitzherbert proved that sometimes the best friendships take time to blossom.
Friendships aren’t always sunshine and flowers at their start. For some pals it takes is a little compromise and understanding. When you see beyond each other’s differences, a beautiful friendship can blossom. (It doesn’t hurt to have a master peacemaker like Rapunzel at your side, either.)


7. You chuckled a little bit when you learned about Eugene Fitzherbert’s real name.
But then your heart warmed when he explained why he changed it to Flynn Rider. In fact, the whole scene where he opens up to Rapunzel made you gleam and glow inside.


8. Rapunzel reminded you that sometimes you have to let down your hair and dance.
Flynn and Rapunzel_Dance
When you’ve been locked away in a tower waiting for your life to begin, freedom means taking advantage of every adventure and celebration once you’re finally out. Tuck some flowers in your locks and grab a dancing partner—it’s time to party!


9. “See The Light” made you feel so many feelings.
“See The Light” is such a romantic scene! Rapunzel is seeing the floating lanterns gleam for the first time, and she and Eugene share a tender moment floating out on the lake. We feel all the feels, and we know you do too.


10. You remembered that a warm hug brings everyone together.
Rapunzel’s happy reunion with her family reminded you that no matter how much time or distance may separate you from the ones you love, giving them a big hug when you see them again makes it feel like no time has passed at all.


What’s one way you loved Tangled? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 5 years Ago
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