11 Disney GIFs That Sum Up Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is a magical holiday, bringing together the most important aspects of our lives: family and food (not necessarily in that order). What better way to chronicle the wonder than with a set of thematic Disney GIFs? Trick question, there is no better way. So let’s get started.


The moment has come! Thanksgiving is here! It’s time to make your entrance at the celebration!
Kuzco Entrance


You greet your favorite family members you haven’t seen in awhile.
Genie Hug


Then there’s the family members who are a lot more excited to see you …
Simba Noogie


After making small talk, it’s time to get to the important questions, like, “When do we eat?!”
Peter Pan Crocodile Hungry


And then you’re told just how unbearably long it will be until dinner.
Lilo Frustrated


But, being the good Disney fan you are, you decide to wait patiently instead of snacking on everything in sight.
Carl sits down


But, being the hungry Disney fan you are, you start to grow more impatient by the second.
Sulley freaks out 3


It’s been so long, and you’re so hungry. You’ve never been this hungry before in your life. You can’t even remember what being full feels like!
Remy is too hungry


Then finally, the moment you’ve been waiting for has arrived. Dinner. Is. Served.
Be Our Guest


You couldn’t care less about the fanfare, it’s time to dive in and chow down! Commence “Om nom nomming,” immediately.
Louis Finger Lickin


You’re almost too stuffed to move, but then you remember that dessert is happening.

Finally, after stuffing your face full of everything you could get your hands on, it’s time to relax, spend time with family, and … ZZZZzzzzzzz …
Pooh Snooze


Happy Thanksgiving from the Oh My Disney team, to you!

Posted 2 years Ago
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