35 Thoughts We Had While Watching The Santa Clause

Since it first came out in 1994, The Santa Clause has become a go-to holiday favorite. At the time, Tim Allen was already a household name thanks to Home Improvement, but was still one year away from soaring into our hearts as Buzz Lightyear. Watching the movie, we all secretly hoped our parent would become Santa so we would be able to visit the North Pole and get in on that hot cocoa action.

Flash forward 24 years and the movie still holds up. Yes, there are references to fax machines and car phones—which may be a bit dated now—but the movie is still great (possibly greater for it). We decided to kick off the holiday season by watching this classic, and decided to log our thoughts as we were watching. Enjoy!

1. The Santa at the company party doesn’t have a beard!

2. Scott’s Christmas tree is so sad.

3. That’s a buttery turkey.

4. This is why you need smoke alarms. Safety first!

Scott Calvin turkey fire

5. Not gonna lie. Denny’s for dinner sounds fantastic right now.

6. They are all eating the same sandwich.

7. How are you out of chocolate milk? It’s so easy to make!

8. How many Santa’s have there been?

9. Won’t the elves miss Old Santa? What about Mrs. Claus?

10. What if Old Santa just wanted to retire and he and the Mrs. simply ran away together?

arose such a ladder

11. Disney Channel shout-out!

12. At the pace Santa and the reindeer are moving, how do they get to every house in one night?

13. Is that the same dog or a different dog?

14. FACT: In the North Pole, there are almost 24 hours of darkness during the winter.

15. North Pole code: 1-2-3-9. Introduction of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer: December 1939. Coincidence?

16. What an underrated Christmas song! This should get more play!

17. Bernard is very tall for an elf.

18. Home Improvement shout-out! I wonder if that tool belt is for Tim Taylor.

19. I want to try Judy’s hot cocoa recipe.

20. That looks like the coziest bed of all time.

21. Those 3-sided skateboards were so cool!

Santa Clause Career Day

22. That’s the teacher from Sabrina The Teenage Witch!

23. That kid is definitely going to be on the Naughty List.

24. Who takes care of The Millers’ lawn? Middle of winter and it’s as green as can be!

25. “Just because you haven’t seen it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.” (*praise hands emoji*)

26. He didn’t even touch his salad!

27. All of Scott’s clothes are red, white, and green now. Is that part of the contract?

Santa green and red

28. The only thing you wanted for Christmas when you were three was an Oscar Mayer Weiner Whistle?

29. We wish we had that snow globe.

30. Penguins aren’t native to the North Pole, yet they are everywhere in the decor. Santa needs to new interior decorator!

31. “Patrol Car Parking” in front of the donut shop. Classic.

32. New year. New sleigh.

New sleigh

33. ‘90s winter fashion was amazing.

34. OK. Now we REALLY want that snow globe!

35. That’s a great movie. We can’t stop smiling. HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!


See The Santa Clause and more holiday classics on Freeform’s 25 Days of Christmas!

Posted 6 years Ago
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