A Recipe for Becoming a Disney Prince

Becoming a Disney prince is no easy feat. So, in case you’ve always aspired to be one, we took a look at what it takes to become a respected royal, and boiled it down for you via this helpful, step-by-step guide. Here’s our handy recipe for cooking up a nearly perfect Disney prince:


First, add one boy to a royal family in a distant land.
Next, raise the prince for 15-20 years in a manor, palace, or castle. Optional additions to the growing lad’s upbringing include: schooling, horseback riding, music lessons, dance lessons, and magic.


Whisk in a keen sense of fashion.
Coat the prince heavily in a soldier’s uniform, with gold-tasseled shoulder pads, and bright red pants (gold stripe optional). Season with some snappy white gloves to taste, and don’t forget the finishing touch: a gold belt.


Toss in a trusty steed.
The ideal sidekick for a Disney prince should be charismatic, understanding, loyal, and friendly. Mix with a hint of kindness and a good conscience to achieve an ideal result.


Blend a love for nature into the Prince’s personality.
A Disney prince should have love for every woodland creature. Scoop a heaping dollop of compassion and empathy for every living creature to your existing combination, and you’re well on your way to serving up an honorable royal suitor.


Turn up the heat to put your prince’s temperament to the test.
Now that your prince is making some progress, it’s time to throw some challenges his way to help him develop character. In response to these challenges, he should become swift as a coursing river, as forceful as a great typhoon, as strong as a raging fire, and as mysterious as the dark side of the moon. Take the heat down again once it’s clear that he’s developed the spirit of a warrior.


Marinade the prince’s spirit with selflessness.
Bring out the flavors of your prince’s kind heart and sweet disposition by reminding him that giving is more important that receiving. Take your time with this step—like a wise teapot once said, “It’ll turn out all right in the end. You’ll see.”


Cool your prince with a little bit of showing off in front of the ladies of his kingdom.
Ukuleles Are So Hot Right Now
As an eligible bachelor, it’s important for your prince to appeal to the potential partners who could one day be his perfect match. Have your prince put those music lessons from childhood to good use, and let him melt the hearts of audiences with a performance.


Take the temperature up again with a burning smolder.
Ultimate Tangled Poll_Flynn Smolder
When applying the smolder to your prince, be mindful of your technique: The smolder doesn’t work in some cases, and has been known to break when combined with the personality of a strong, independent woman.


Pare down your prince’s ego and knead in a heartfelt love song.
Once your prince meets his love, it’s likely he’ll be a starry-eyed, lovestruck guy. Now’s the time to sift out which love song your prince is meant to use to serenade his potential princess, and integrate that into the recipe. Your prince should then sing his song boldly outside her balcony for 2-3 minutes.


Season with a taste for adventure.
Now it’s time for your prince to show off his daring side: Whether the prince embarks on a magic carpet ride, or fights the enemy army alongside the object of his affections, adventuring through life as a team will keep things spicy and flavorful.


Add in a difficult challenge for good measure.
Your prince has been conditioned to take on trials of all varieties, including battling a malicious villain-turned-dragon, outsmarting an evil vizier, or tracking down his love based only on a forgotten shoe. Mix in some help from his friends until the situation has resolved, and all is made right in the kingdom.


Cool for 5 minutes with a hug from a best friend and confidant.
disney on friendship - aladdin, genie
Hugs make everything better, and will be the finishing touch your prince needs.


Serve your prince with a delightful garnish of “Happily Ever After.”
Ariel and Prince Eric's wedding in The Little Mermaid
Congratulations! You’ve followed the recipe perfectly, and your Disney prince is a well-rounded royal that will bring honor to his family and kingdom. Enjoy watching the prince and princess live happily ever after, in peace.


What else do you think a recipe for a Disney prince needs? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 6 years Ago
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