9 Things Only Tangled Fans Will Understand

Some truths are universal: The sun sets in the West, dessert is always a good thing, and Tangled is a wonderful film. We’ve complied a list of facts that every single person who’s ever seen and loved Tangled should be able to understand (and agree with). We know this is potentially controversial, but take a look at the below and we think you’ll understand what we mean:


1. Frying pans aren’t just for cooking.
Who knew, right?


2. Eugene Fitzherbert > Flynn Rider
Rapunzel and Flynn Falling in Love is Amazing - Tangled 8
Sure, Flynn Rider, swashbuckling pirate and dashing thief may sound exciting, but Eugene Fitzherbert’s integrity and heart trump the legend every time.


3. Horses make the best soldiers.
(And they take their pay in apples; pretty economical.)


4. Even dudes with hooks for hands have a dream.
The Pub Thugs Tangled
Never judge a book by its cover.


5. When you can’t help thinking the lanterns in the sky that appear every year on your birthday have something to do with you, you’re probably right.
Trust your instincts.


6. Chameleons make the best friends.
9 Signs You're Probably Pascal from Tangled - Games

Hide and seek for days.


7. Never let fear stop you from following your heart.
It’s a big world, and that can be intimidating, but you know what? You’ve got what it takes to get out there and make your mark.


8. Magic glowing hair may come and go, but kindness and generosity last forever.
So treat strangers, friends, and family the way you’d like to be treated—no matter what the circumstance.


9. If you’re going to be evil, at least stage one great musical number before you meet your inevitable fate.
Ultimate Tangled Poll_Mother Gothel_Rapunzel
“Mother Knows Best” is simultaneously wonderful and terrifying.


What’s something you think only fellow Tangled fans will understand? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 5 years Ago
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