Dory is the Real Hero of Finding Nemo

Everyone knows Finding Nemo as a story about a father’s journey to find his son. But that journey wouldn’t have been possible without one fish in particular.

Dory on jellyfish_Finding Nemo

We think Dory doesn’t get enough credit. She’s smart, optimistic, caring, and talented—and most of all—she’s kind. Basically, she’s the unsung hero of Finding Nemo. Here’s why:


1. Dory’s the whole reason Marlin knows where to look for Nemo.
Dory Quote02
Had Dory not stopped to tell Marlin about the boat, he would never have known where to even begin looking, and never would have met the sharks, and THAT means he never would have found the scuba goggles.


2. Dory’s reading abilities save the day on more than one occasion.
Dory reading P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way
Without Dory, Marlin wouldn’t have been able to read the escape sign or the address on the scuba goggles, which is basically the one thing that got him to the same place where Nemo was.


3. She teaches us to just keep swimming.
Dory just keep swimming
Who knows where Marlin or any of us would be if we couldn’t sing this song whenever life gets us down?


4. Dory helps Marlin out even after he asks her to leave.
Dory protecting Marlin
We so admire Dory’s forgiving spirit. When the school of fish won’t give Marlin directions, Dory gets them for him without expecting thanks, because she’s just nice like that and wants to help.


5. Dory’s right about everything, including swimming through the trench and not over it.
Dory and Marlin in the trench in Finding Nemo
Once again, Dory immediately forgives Marlin for not listening to her, without expecting an apology or thanks.


6. Her ability to speak whale once again saves her and Marlin.
Dory Quote08
And on the way, Marlin learns how to trust.


7. Dory unwittingly delivers some spectacular parenting advice.
Dory and Marlin in Finding Nemo
In a few sentences, she straightens out Marlin’s relationship with Nemo: “Well, you can’t never let anything happen to him. Then nothing would ever happen to him. Not much fun for little Harpo.”


With Dory’s help, Marlin not only finds Nemo, but grows as a father. When this little family and their new best friend are finally reunited, we know things are going to be the best they’ve ever been.

And we really can’t wait for Finding Dory.

Posted 6 years Ago
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