How to Trap the Backson: A Step-By-Step Guide

When you’re a chubby little cubby all stuffed with fluff, one of your biggest concerns is the well-being of your friends. So when you hear there may be a scary beast lurking in the shadows of the Hundred Acre Wood, it becomes your main priority to trap the beast and ensure the careful return of Christopher Robin. Winnie the Pooh’s step-by-step guide to trapping the Backson offers a foolproof method for getting the job done:


1. Familiarize yourself with the Backson.
Think, think, think … what exactly is a Backson? What do Backsons do? This is the time to really get inside the Backson’s terrifying head and find out answers to the myriad of questions you have about him. Where did the Backson come from and where is he going? More importantly, does the Backson like honey?


2. Ask your local expert about the Backson.
To gather more information about the Backson, go straight to the source: the wise owl who first brought the beast to your attention. You may want to draw charts and graphs to fully comprehend every aspect of the Backson, and use a Piglet for scale.


3. Assemble your squad.
It’s going to take an all-star team to catch this fearsome brute. Gather everyone in the Hundred Acre Wood who dares to rise to this challenge.


4. Review the list of Backson-friendly items.
Backsons love to scribble in your books and tangle up ornament hooks in Christmas trees. They are expert milk spoilers, and have the unique power to put holes in socks using horns. Therefore, Backson-friendly items include crayons, Christmas ornaments, and horns, but does not include beehives.


5. Set the trap.
Setting a Backson trap is a very strategic process, but the most important element is the trap itself—which is a giant hole dug into the ground. Be sure to set the scene by disguising the trap as a serene picnic setting. Put rocks in place to hold the picnic blanket, and place an empty pot of honey directly in the center of the spread, as a finishing touch.


6. Lay the trail.
The key to leading the Backson to your perfectly placed trap, is by laying a trail of his favorite items. See step 4 to gain inspiration for which knick knacks to use for the trail (additional suggestions include houseplants, globes, and old boots).


7. Once the plan is in place, stay with your Backson-hunting buddy.
Blugadeebloo! Pair up with a friend to ensure safety when traversing the Hundred Acre Wood. The Backson runs amok and could be around any corner. Tigger is a safe bet for a buddy, but he may be a bit hard to keep up with.


8. Remain calm, no matter what happens.
This may prove difficult to do if you have accidentally fallen into the trap you set for the Backson.


9. Celebrate your wins accordingly.
All of that Backson hunting means you’ve probably worked up a nice big appetite and have a rumbly-tumbly starving for a snack. Share a pot of honey with a friend—you deserve it.


10. Remember that more Backsons may be out there.
There may still be Backsons in the woods. However, they may not be as scary as you think. Keep checking your traps, especially if you find that you’ve misplaced a marble or a boot in the thrill of the hunt and need them back.


Tell us your best Backson trapping tips in the comments!

Posted 3 years Ago
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