All the Times A113 Shows Up in Disney Pixar Movies

Once upon a time, long before John Lasseter was John Lasseter, and before Pixar was even a thing, a magical classroom fostered animation’s biggest up-and-comers. Room A113 at the California Institution of Arts is where filmmaking greats first dipped their toes and digital paintbrushes in graphic design and character animation.


So, once John Lasseter became John Lasseter and a little thing called Pixar was brought into this world, those pupils-turned-animation-superheroes continued to honor their humble beginnings with a hidden “A113” in every Pixar feature film.


Here’s where you can find them:


A Bug’s Life
A113 in A Bug's Life
Flik finds “warrior” bugs. Fans find an Easter egg. Everybody wins.


A113 in Brave
Zoom in and in and in, and maybe even squint a little, and you’ll see “ACXIII” carved into the interior doorway of the witch’s hut. We know what you’re thinking. How could you have ever missed it?


A113 in Cars
All aboard the Easter egg train! This minor locomotive shows up for a hot sec when Lightning is on the road to Radiator Springs.


A113 in Cars_b
Pixar fans, start your engines and hop on the fast track to fandom. Mater’s license plate is yet another A113 reference.


Cars 2
A113 in Cars 2_b
No need to have super-awesome international spy skills to spot this reference right on Siddeley’s tail fin.


Finding Nemo
A113 in Finding Nemo
Instagram, schminstagram. The Sea Meister A-113 is where it’s at. #NoFilter


The Incredibles
A113 in The Incredibles_a
A113 in The Incredibles_b
It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s the cell where Syndrome is keeping a rocket! Mirage also mentions A113 when talking to Mr. Incredible about his 2 p.m. meeting.


Inside Out
A113 in Inside Out
Because nothing says “San Francisco” quite like Pixar-themed graffiti art.


Monsters, Inc.
A113 in Monsters Inc
Okay, so this one might take a little more imagination, but here we can see Column A13 inside the door vault, making that an “A” and one “13,” a.k.a. none other than an A113.


Monsters University
A113 in Monsters University
Exhibit K: Classroom A113 meets Classroom A113.


A113 in Ratatouille_a
Only the most trained eye can spot this subtle movie-within-the-movie reference.


A113 in Ratatouille_b
Hungry for more? Ratatouille serves up a double helping of “A113” with it printed on Git’s lab tag.


Toy Story
A113 in Toy Story
To infinite references to A113 … and beyond!


Toy Story 2
A113 in Toy Story 2
Attention all travelers. Listen carefully to the airport announcement regarding “LassetAir Flight A113.”


Toy Story 3
A113 in Toy Story 3
Although Andy’s mom gets a sweet new ride, she holds onto the same sweet old license plate.


A113 in Up
Adventure is out there! And probably not inside Courtroom A113!


A113 in WALL-E_a
In the most obvious and most story-centric reference, “A113” is the directive to never return to Earth.


A113 in WALL-E_b
Luckily, WALL•E will save the day (and all of humanity as we know it). He first enters the Axiom through Port A224, which is just A113 with 1 added to each digit.


Where else have you spotted A113? Tell us in the comments below!

Posted 6 years Ago
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