15 Disney GIFs That Describe Your Wedding Planning Process

You’re engaged! Welcome to the magical whirlwind of looking forward to marriage, dreaming about your shared future, and becoming a part-time event planner, executing a giant dinner party for 150 guests. For wedding planning inspiration, watch Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings on Freeform Sunday, May 7 at 8/7 C. But until then, with your happily ever after so close at hand, this might be what you’re experiencing right now:

The first few days at work after you get engaged.aladdin-true-love-resized

When you try to make eating healthy as exciting as possible.

When you attempt to make a good impression on vendors you might hire.

When you get your 10,000th piece of wedding advice.
Mr. Potato Head pulling his ears out in Toy Story GIF

When you finally pick a venue and set the date!

When you first hear the words “cake cutting fee.”

When you’re explaining that the centerpieces you chose are just a wee bit over budget, and it’s totally no big deal at all.

When you say it’s time to go dress shopping and your squad turns up.

When you’re trying to find the best place to bulk order mason jars.

When you adorably think you have everything completely under control.
Rapunzel hitting herself with a frying pan in Tangled GIF

Trying to be civilized at dinner after addressing 150 invitations … and return envelopes.

When you’re doing the jigsaw puzzle that is seating arrangements.

When your first hair and makeup trial doesn’t go so well.

When your fiance’s on his way out the door and you just have a few quick questions about the guest book design.

When you’ve checked off your last to-do item and are finally ready for the actual wedding. Congratulations!

Posted 5 years Ago
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