40 Thoughts We Had While Re-Watching Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

When Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl came out in 2004, we were all much younger. We appreciated the movie as a fun, action-adventure based on one of our favorite rides at Disneyland. It exceeded all expectations, tore through the box office, and even earned Johnny Depp an Academy Award nomination. In 12 years, we have grown and so has the franchise. We have met new characters and gone on new adventures. For your enjoyment, we decided to step back and re-watch The Curse of the Black Pearl for the first time in quite awhile, and chronicle our thoughts.

  1.     Oooh. Spooky.
  2.     That’s exactly how we sing that song as we’re about to board the ride.
  3.     Gibbs looks so young!
  4.     Nice little “meet-cute” here.
    Elizabeth and Will meet-cute
  5.     Elizabeth Swann: petty thief!
  6.     She woke up like this. She woke up like this. FLAWLESS!
  7.     Speaking of flawless, Governor Swann’s wig is the best part of this movie.
  8.     Someone’s going to find that later, Will. They’ll know. They always know.
  9.     Man, if you had just called her Elizabeth to her face instead of being all proper, we would have avoided a lot of problems here.
  10. We’ve always wondered how they did that effect of the boat sinking as Jack rides in. It just looks cool.
  11. Is it just us or does Mullroy look like Jay Leno?
  12. Norrington looks exactly the same as he did in the flashback scene. How has he not aged?
  13. The music in this movie is fantastic.
  14. “They’ve come to kidnap you!” Why would you put that fear into someone? Don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine. But all those bad guys? They’re looking for you! YOU DON’T KNOW THAT!
  15. Elizabeth sure knows her pirate history/terminology.
  16. Moonlight highlighting the bone. FORESHADOWING!
  17. We want a pet monkey.
  18. Barbossa has great vocabulary for a humble pirate.
  19. Will is so dramatic.
  20. How did Gibbs go from the Royal Army to being a pirate on Tortuga? We want to see that story!
  21. Cotton is the best!
  22. Hey, it’s Gamora! (Zoe Saldana)
  23. Barbossa needs a manicure.
  24. Seeing all that treasure in one place just makes us think of Aladdin. “TOUCH NOTHING BUT THE LAMP!”
  25. That guy’s beard is on fire.
  26. This whole battle sequence is awesome. “YE BLOOMIN’ COCKROACHES!”
  27. That monkey smile … LOL
  28. Again. Will being so dramatic. He just needs to speak calmly and rationally sometimes.
  29. Where did she read about him? Newspaper? Periodical? Wanted ad on Norrington’s desk?
  30. That’s totally us when a friend is telling a story we know, too. We just want to be helpful.
  31. Was that a subtle The Little Mermaid reference?
  32. We wish we could run underwater. That’d be so cool.
  34. Not the wig! Don’t hurt that beautiful wig!
    Gov Swann and his wig
  35. Geoffrey Rush makes for a very likable bad guy. He’s just great.
  36. Keira Knightley with a prime one-liner!
  37. Sorry, James. Not so happy ending for you!
  38. That guy has had about five lines in this movie and he’s been wrong every time. YOU DON’T EVEN GO HERE!
  39. FUN FACT: The “Pirates” theme has been this writer’s alarm clock for 8 years!
  40. Yep. 12 years later and it still holds up.
Posted 6 years Ago
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