In Defense of Mother Gothel

In Tangled, everyone spends the entire movie trying to frame Mother Gothel as bad guy, when all along, she was the one trying to do the right thing!* It’s pretty crazy to think that everyone in an entire kingdom would conspire to make an upstanding citizen and loving caregiver—who definitely didn’t kidnap Rapunzel and definitely isn’t using Rapunzel’s magical powers for her own benefit—seem like the villain. We’ve finally seen the light, and we’re here to stand for Mother Gothel.




When we think of the picture of a perfect parent, the first image that comes to mind is a middle-aged woman with curly black hair, embracing her beautiful young daughter, who doesn’t really look anything like her. There’s no one who knows how to love and care for a child better than Mother Gothel. It must be that nurturing nature she picked up around the same time she picked Rapunzel up out of her crib and stole her from the royal family.




Have you witnessed the lengths Mother Gothel has gone to in order to entertain her beloved daughter? She sings, she dances, she travels for days on end to fetch her precious pet’s favorite paints. And what does she get in return? The role of the antagonist in a film that should really be all about her and all of the amazing things that she does. After all, Mother Gothel needs to use the power of Rapunzel’s magical hair to keep herself young and vibrant so that she can be the best mother ever to Rapunzel. Her reasoning is both foolproof and admirable.




In a world that should really revolve entirely around Mother Gothel, she selflessly notices others around her. Mother takes time to really listen to Rapunzel and hear her when she expresses her desires to celebrate even minor events, like her birthday. It’s obviously Mother Gothel’s responsibility to crush Rapunzel’s hopes and dreams to make sure she gets the full scope of what the world is really like. After all, Mother Gothel knows all about the world: it really wouldn’t be that exciting of a place if she wasn’t in it!




Let us not forget that Mother Gothel is a shrewd businesswoman. She knows how to wheel and deal, and can make an offer that even the Stabbington Brothers cannot refuse. Have we mentioned how many amazing qualities Mother Gothel has? Her business acumen is just one of so very many.




As we referenced previously, it’s really unfair how everyone is always trying to make Mother Gothel out to be the bad guy. It must be exhausting to have to deal with the naysayers and the haters day-in-and-day out, especially when one of them is her very own daughter. We feel for her.




Mother Gothel is always uplifting and encouraging. Any negativity or insult that comes from her is really just a joke and everyone else should lighten up a little bit. She’s just teasing after all, and she didn’t mean to make you run away crying!




We can only hope that now, you too have seen the beautiful radiant light that is the truth of Mother Gothel’s true nature. We are definitely writing this completely seriously and are not at all, in any way, being facetiously positive about a narcissistic villain who caused nothing but strife for one of our very favorite Disney Princesses.


Tell us your defense of Mother Gothel in the comments!


*This article is 100% ironic.

Posted 6 years Ago
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