There’s An App For That: Disney Character Problems Solved with iPhones

Welcome to the 21st century! By simply opening our phones, we have access to a world of different apps, which can get us anything we need. What a time to be alive! But that poses the question: If Disney characters had the same access to some of these apps, would they be able to solve their problems quicker and more efficiently? We’re glad they didn’t, because we got great movies as a result, but we decided to explore what it would be like if they had. For posterity.


1. Finding Nemo / Navigational App
Marlin and Dory
Let’s start off with the most obvious one.  When Marlin and Dory go to retrieve Nemo, they could have plugged 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney into a navigational app and just like that, they would have been given very clear directions, an ETA, and could even have changed the computerized voice. We suggest Boy Band mode.


2. Ratatouille / Cooking App
Linguini was just a simple, unassuming janitor when Remy stirred up trouble in his life. However, if Linguini had just downloaded one of the many cooking apps available, he could have become a world famous chef without having a rat on his head. But then again, that would ruin the whole movie, so it’s safe to say we’re happy this wasn’t the case.


3. 101 Dalmatians / Food Delivery
“I’m hungry, mother. I really am.” Well we have a fantastic solution for you, Rolly. There are so many food delivery apps out there and all of them guarantee you get your food within an hour. The real question: Do they deliver Kanine Krunchies?


4. The Little Mermaid / Emoji Keyboards
Ariel gazing
Poor Ariel. She signs away her voice to Ursula and is rendered speechless. Well, there is no better way to speak than through those amazing emoji keyboards you can download to your phone! Whether she decided upon emojis or (our personal suggestion) Disney GIFs, she would never be at a loss for words.


5. WALL•E / Health and Fitness App
The residents of The Axiom have a minor fitness problem. So much so that they eventually tilt the entire space station. No worries! If they had just downloaded a health and fitness app, the return to gravity would be an easy transition.


6. UP / Legal App
poor Carl
Poor Carl. He just wants to live in his house in peace. But The Man wants to keep him down and kick him out. If Carl had a legal app to brush up on Squatter’s Rights, he would never have to leave his beloved home.


7. Winnie the Pooh / Twitter
wise Owl
Owl is so wise, but sometimes he can ramble a bit. And no better place to ramble than on Twitter! Our fine-feathered friend would be among the birds, tweeting his prose 140 characters at a time.


8. Monsters, Inc. / Joke of the Day App
Mike cracking jokes
When the newly minted Monsters, Inc. re-opens for business as a laugh factory, some of the new recruits may have a difficult time getting their comedic timing down. Lucky for them, they could download a Joke of the Day app and help power the city one laugh at a time.


9. Aladdin / Dating App
Jasmine Aladdin
Jasmine has some real world problems. She’s just trying to find the right suitor, and her dad keeps introducing her to a bunch of zeros. If she jumped on one of the many dating apps, she would have been able to take the 12-point questionnaire and find her true match. Also, she would have been able to avoid Jafar.


10. Beauty and the Beast / Facebook
Beast looks to the mirror
A magic mirror is cool and all, but we have some news for Beast. There is a much easier way to find out what Belle was up to and no enchanted objects or magic necessary. Beast needed Facebook. Just by looking at her status update or maybe even writing on her wall, he could have kept in contact with Belle after she left the castle.


11. Cinderella / Riding Sharing
Hurry Cinderella!
You know what really grinds our gears? When we have to leave a place because our ride is about to leave (or worse, turn into a pumpkin). Cinderella wanted to stay at the ball longer. She was falling in love. There was a true connection. Too bad she didn’t use a ride sharing app to take her home.


What other apps do you think could have helped your favorite Disney characters? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 6 years Ago
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