This is What Happens to Your Body When You Watch a Disney Pixar Movie

After conducting some very scientific studies* here at Oh My Disney, we have identified what really happens to your body when you are watching a Disney•Pixar movie. Research shows that after reading this article, you will have a strong desire to watch one of these beloved films and will experience a very high degree of happiness. Read on and see if you identify with any of these common symptoms:


1. Your brain will flood with nostalgic memories.
The first noticeable change in your body will occur within your brain, which will fill with memories, causing a strong emotional response. The link between Disney•Pixar movies and memory recollection lies in a combination of captivating montages, stunning scenery, and powerful depictions of various relationships.


2. Tear production will increase at an exponential rate.
Heartfelt confessions and dramatic decisions may cause your eyes to flood with elevated levels of tears. Incredibly touching moments will impair your control over your emotions, and you may be more likely to hug the person located nearest to you.


3. Your heart rate will accelerate during moments of excitement.
Lightning McQueen Racing in Cars
By the time you feel your heart racing, you’ll likely already be sitting on the edge of your seat, waiting to see what will happen next. This will dramatically reduce your risk of falling asleep during the movie.


4. You may notice a slight tickle in your funny bone.
Fact: You can never laugh too much. Fortunately, in Disney•Pixar movies there’s no shortage of funny moments. When you start to feel a tickle in your funny bone, it’s a clear sign that a large volume of laughs may be imminent.


5. Palm sweatiness and hushed gasps will indicate suspense.
If you find yourself wiping your palms on your jeans or clamping your sweat-glistened hand over your mouth, you’re likely observing an extremely suspenseful moment (like this jaw-dropping scene from Toy Story 3).


6. Your nose will pick up scents of distant places.
Dramatic landscapes and incredible animation will seem to transport you to faraway lands. You may even feel so engrossed in the moment that you imagine you’re taking in the scents of the Scottish Highlands.


7. Tasty looking foods may cause stomach grumbling.
Seeing delicious foods on screen will trigger an increase in your appetite.


8. Your muscles will relax as you channel your inner elastigirl.
Disney•Pixar movies cause you to relax and de-stress. Watching superheroes who are always flexible and that roll with the punches will usher you to a new level of chill.


9. Soaring scores and catchy songs will induce toe-tapping.
In addition to increasing your levels of pure, unadulterated joy, the music of Disney•Pixar movies will cause 99.9% of people to tap their toes and the other .1% to get up on their feet and dance (or glide).


10. You will transformation into a beautiful butterfly.
Heimlich is a butterfly in A Bug's Life
Emotionally, we mean. A feeling of hope will rise within you and give you wings. Long-term effects include a positive mindset and a willingness to try new things.


11. Your chest will swell with happiness during touching scenes.
Do not be alarmed to find that tears both sad and happy flow from the eyes.


Help contribute to our research by telling us what happens to you when you watch a Disney•Pixar movie, in the comments!


*Primary study conducted for this article was watching Disney•Pixar movies as often as humanly possible and involved zero actual science.

Posted 5 years Ago
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