30 Things Everyone Who Saw The Lion King in Theaters Will Remember

Who could forget the first time they saw The Lion King in theaters? You begged a family member for weeks to take you to see it. The day of, you waited in line with that family member to buy your ticket (no online purchases back then). Once you got your ticket and the ticket taker pointed you in the right direction, you raced into the theater to find the optimal seat—not too close to the screen, but as centered as possible. Then you settled in with your popcorn or candy of choice and prepared yourself for some brand new Disney magic. Now, let’s travel back to 1994 and talk about some other things you might just remember:


1. When you first heard “nants ingonyama bakithi ba-ba” at the beginning of “The Circle of Life” you knew you would be singing it in the car later so you tried to remember it, but there was no chance you would be able to spell it.


2. When you had mad respect for Rafiki.


3. When you wanted to try the fruit that Rafiki opened and painted on baby Simba.


4.  When you wanted baby Simba to be your pet, immediately. Especially when he sneezed.




5. When you got chills after all of the animals bowed to baby Simba.


6. When you cheered at the title card.


7. When you jumped the first time you saw Scar’s paw slam down in the dirt.


8. When you loved the drawing Rafiki made of Simba and made a mental note to recreate it on your bedroom wall.


9. Three letters. JTT.


10. When Mufasa’s explanation of the circle of life blew your mind.




11. When you giggled every time Zazu got pounced on.


12. When Simba’s mom was trying to give him a bath and he complained, and you were totally on his side.


13. When you wanted to work on your roar with Simba.


14. When you were so scared of the Shadowlands.


15. When you heard Mufasa’s story about the great kings of the past looking down from the stars, and you couldn’t wait to go outside to look at the sky.


16. When you got chills during “Be Prepared.”




17. When the stampede put you on the edge of your seat and you had to cover your eyes.


18. When you saw Mufasa fall and you couldn’t believe it.


19. When you shed some tears for Simba after he found his dad.


20. When you sniffled some more as Rafiki wiped away his drawing of Simba.


21. When Timon and Pumbaa became your new hilarious best friends.


Timon and Pumbaa in The Lion King


22. When “Hakuna Matata” had you dancing in your seat.


23. When Zazu sang “It’s a Small World” to Scar and you totally got the inside joke.


24. When Simba and Nala reunited and it was like you were seeing your own best friend again.


25. When Mufasa’s cloud form was the most magical thing you had ever seen.




26. When Rafiki cheered as Simba ran back to the Pride Lands, and you cheered with him.


27. When Timon donned a grass skirt and did the best hula dance ever.


28. When Scar flew through the air at Simba during their fight and it was really scary.


29. When Simba climbed the rock and roared, and you clapped wildly.


30. When the new cub was presented by Rafiki and you understood the circle of life.




If you didn’t remember some of these things, just make sure you remember who you are, which is the most important lesson we learned from The Lion King when we watched it in theaters (and when we watched it a few minutes ago). Thank you, Simba and friends, for making 1994 a great year.


What do you remember from the first time you saw The Lion King in theaters? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 6 years Ago
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